10 uses for wall tiles

10 uses for wall tiles

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Wall tiles offer many decorative possibilities in all rooms of the house. True chameleon, it offers many renderings which will give style to your interior. Discover in pictures 10 uses of wall tiles.

Wall tiles in the shower

Leroy Merlin Do you want your shower to be easy to clean and not afraid of humidity? Wall tiles are your ally! You can install small mosaic tiles or larger and more contemporary models according to your style.

A tiled basement

Ikea Note that the tiling in the bathroom is not only installed on the entire wall! It can indeed be used as a basement to protect the lower part of the wall and provide a real decorative effect.

Tiling to create a decor

Leroy Merlin In your bathroom, the tiling allows you to create a personalized decor. Indeed, nothing prevents you from using different tiles to create an original and unique fresco that will be the decorative highlight of your room.

Tiling to create a pattern

Leroy Merlin Without launching into an XXL fresco, you can also just opt ​​for tiled friezes that will allow you to structure your space and offer it an original motif while playing the sobriety card.

Tiling to give style to the bathtub

Castorama Also consider using wall tiles on certain parts of your bathroom, such as on the bathtub facing. You can thus offer you an original model which will enhance your bathtub.

The tiles in the toilet

Lapeyre In the toilets, the wall tiles are very useful because they allow a simplified maintenance which will facilitate the elimination of bacteria without denying the style thanks to many finishes.

Tiling also in the kitchen

Ikea Who said that wall tiles only find their place in the bathroom? On the contrary, it is ideal on kitchen walls to protect them from grease because it washes off in the blink of an eye.

The credenza tiling

Ikea You don't want the whole wall of your kitchen to be tiled? We can then simply opt for a tiled splashback. You will then only tile the part exposed to the preparation.

Wall tiles in the entrance

South tiles All rooms can accommodate wall tiles! In the entrance, for example, you can choose a tile that imitates wood to give a warm atmosphere to the room while offering it the practicality of tiling.


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