5 hotel bathrooms for inspiration

5 hotel bathrooms for inspiration

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Discovering the bathroom of the hotel where you are staying is often a delight: original bathtub, precious materials and exceptional decor. Here are five hotel bathrooms that will make you want to leave your home.

The bathroom of Stella Cadente's guest house

Stella Cadente ### The bathroom imagined by Stella Cadente in Provins is a real experience! Fully dressed in black and white, the room has a psychedelic side that invites you to dream in the world of Alice in Wonderland, the theme of the room.

The Citizen Hotel Bathroom

Citizen ### This hotel located on the Saint-Martin canal in Paris offers maximum space for taking a shower. The centerpiece of the bathroom is a very large walk-in shower with blue tiles to wrap you for a moment of softness.

The bathroom of the Seven hotel

Seven ### The Seven hotel offers a bathroom fully open to the bedroom. The bathtub becomes a real sculpture with its cowhide motif. The materials that surround it are very raw like stone and wood to offer an experience that recalls the origins of the world, plus comfort.

The bathroom of the La Co (o) hotel

Co (o) rniche ### The bathroom imagined by Starck will undoubtedly appeal to women who like to spend time in this room. The designer has placed the bathtub in a sort of alcove which remains open to the bedroom to take advantage of the sunshine. But what we love above all is the bright white lion's feet bathtub.


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