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Wall tiles: imitation and material effects in the spotlight

Wall tiles: imitation and material effects in the spotlight

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Wall tiles have an incredible power: that of imitating different materials, stone, wood, slate and company, to perfection. Ideal for adopting the desired effect in the bathroom, kitchen or other while ensuring easy maintenance, resistance and optimal solidity, its main assets. State of play on this multiple choice visual deception that makes our lives easier and that sows the atmosphere!

Slate look wall tile

Point P The dark gray color of this credenza as well as its striated appearance reveals a skillfully mastered slate imitation.

Imitation metal wall tiles

Discac Super metallic appearance for these small tiles whose silver reliefs sow the illusion perfectly. Chic the bathroom!

Stone look wall tiles

The most authentic seek more imitation stone. The idea is to plant a traditional decor that does not involve the tough maintenance of real stone walls.

Concrete look wall tile

Leroy Merlin At the same time chic, contemporary and nothing urban, concrete imitation wall tiles are attracting more and more individuals, eager to adopt their gray color without complicating life with waxed concrete.

Imitation copper wall tiles

Lineart Appearance of worn and hammered copper for this divinely original tile. Or when imitation does excellence!

Marble look wall tile

Southern tiles The wall tiles also take on the air of marble when it comes to revealing a chic and upscale atmosphere.

Pebble look wall tile

Lapeyre In a contemporary, Zen or seaside-inspired bathroom, it is not uncommon to favor a "pebble" aspect. The slight relief of the result offers a truer than life imitation having everything to charm the room!

Metro brick look wall tiles

To create an urban atmosphere, we are happy to opt for "subway brick" tiles. Perfect imitation, guaranteed underground effect!

Leather look wall tiles

HSK For a chic decor, we like the soft and sophisticated material effect of this very leather tile.