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10 unusual gifts for Father's Day

10 unusual gifts for Father's Day

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June 16 is Father's Day! And rather than opting for the traditional shirt or a bottle of wine, this year, we are playing the creativity card with an unusual gift and even a little offbeat to make dads smile. Discover our selection in pictures.

A truly quirky bowl

Pied de Poule And if your father has a lot of humor or you really don't like him, the version of the bowl with the inscription "unworthy father" can also have a little effect when the package is opened. But watch out for sparks.

A magic bottle

Pa Design This year, rather than the bottle of wine, we offer the support that will weightless it. A simple chain will then hold the bottle by the neck and offer it a breathtaking balance.

The accessory for the bottle

Pa Design If you still prefer to give him a bottle of wine, you can accompany it with a small set to create funny robots with the latter's cap. Your dad will go back to childhood and it will be a good excuse to open a new bottle.

A male tray

MARRE MOEREL DESIGN STUDIO When your dad receives his friends for an aperitif, he is tired of having to use the flower trays chosen by your mom. Fix the problem by offering him a male version tray with a plane in the center.

A cushion worthy of the name

Hello my cushion On the sofa, Dad has his place and you shouldn't sit on it! So we offer him the chic cushion that will tell everyone that this is his place. A cushion in costume, you will admit that we do not see it every day.

A very masculine coffee table

Direct D-sign Dad is your hero and he has the prominent facial features? Offer him his portrait coffee table version with this model that takes the shape of a man's face half-antique half-futuristic version.

Dad with mustache

Stamp 52 Daddy loves his mustache? Go further and offer him hangers that take the shape of the latter to raise his mustache to the rank of icon!

Boxer hooks

Homology And if Dad is more of a boxer, we give him his hooks like a punching ball. He can hang his shirts while tapping his fists a little. And yes, a dad, it is nurturing!

An offset lamp

Lightonline Finally, why not offer him a bedside lamp? No way to bet on a female model, we rather choose a very design and original model like these lamps in the shape of a dog which are likely to become your father's best friends.