A natural decor in the room

A natural decor in the room

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Sleeping well in bed is even better when the atmosphere is soft and relaxing. Let's put everything on a natural decor!

Exotic influences

Goal ### Here is a room that exudes tranquility and serenity. This means that nature dictates the decor here: dark wood, whether it is a teak bed or woven bamboo lamps, with a few touches of greenery.

Natural decoration with a personalized touch

Maisons du Monde ### Reflecting nature, yes. But why not put your personal touch in it? Here is a perfect example in pictures. Rather than a traditional wooden headboard and bedside table, the slightly grayed recycled pine offers a natural twist. Most ? One or two touches of bright color (electric blue or sun yellow) to bring out the unusual appearance of the wood.

Natural color, material and patterns

Goal ### Impossible to say the contrary, the natural spirit has dressed this room from floor to ceiling. And yes, here we have thought of all the characteristics of the natural look. The furniture is dressed in beech, the shapes are inspired by the sea and the gardens (pebble carpets, flower cushions), and the color of greenery punctuates the space. Simply zero fault.

Delicacy and natural sweetness

Maisons du Monde ### Pastel shades, braided kubu, wooden paneling: let it be said, the nature room is also a room that rocks us with tenderness and evokes escape by the ocean.


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