Showcase your pastries!

Showcase your pastries!

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Making beautiful cakes is good, but if you don't present them nicely, you risk missing out on the effect you want to give. So not to miss your dessert, we offer you ideas to stage your cakes and pastries.

An accumulation of glassware

Maisons du monde To present simple little desserts but give them a nice decorative effect, do not hesitate to multiply the containers! You can place cookies on a hooded servant and put other cookies in glass jars or bowls. Accumulation will be the key.

Sweet treats in a large vase

Grandeco To accompany your large cake, do not hesitate to have sweets in a large vase to create a high and graphic element. Do not hesitate to divert containers to stage your cakes.

A cupcake server

Atmosphere & Styles Copyright Michel Gantner With the cupcake boom, the tableware brands have developed displays dedicated to these already pretty sweets. We opt for a kind of tree that will welcome each cupcake.

Pretty cupcake molds

Le Creuset Always for cupcakes, we think of baking them in pretty individual silicone molds which will allow you to serve them elegantly by adding a colorful touch to your dessert.

A dish of good shape

Le Creuset When you want to present a cake, the main thing is often to have dishes of the right shape so that it is aesthetic. For example, for a cake, be sure to always present it in an elongated dish.

A cake on a slate

Le Creuset To give a contemporary bistro style to your cake, think also of the plates which can often serve as a dish. For example, a slate saucer will be ideal for a cheesecake.

Pretty boxes

Bianca and family Because cooking is a real art of living, you will find many containers to enhance your preparations. Your little fruit cakes can for example find their place in boxes that will make all the difference!

Gourmet plates

Geneviève Lethu If you offer sweets, it is not necessary to use a serving dish. However, to enhance them, you can use a plate on the theme of pastry for an even more delicious meal.

A mold with an original shape

Pa Design Finally, to present your simple chocolate cake, do not hesitate to offer yourself an original mold which will give it a shape that will be sufficient for itself for the presentation!