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10 ideas to dress up the garden

10 ideas to dress up the garden

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To stage your garden, all means are good! Whether you choose furniture, Japanese steps or lighting, here are some inspirations that will help you decorate your garden.

A diverted object

In the garden, diversion is king! We can thus recover almost any old object to transform it into a flower pot. Try with an old mill or an old wheelbarrow to add charm to your garden.

A bench to invite to rest

Do not hesitate to use some elements of garden furniture to give a function to certain spaces in your garden. By installing a bench, you will offer yourself a space for relaxation dedicated to calm and contemplation.

Lighting to highlight

Why not enhance nature with decorative objects? For example, you can use outdoor lighting to enhance your plants after dark and give yourself real contemporary sculptures during the day.

Pebbles for the Zen side

Do you want a garden that exudes serenity? Bet on the Zen style and add some pebbles for this. You can arrange them along an alley or simply accumulate them in a flower pot.

Topiary for a castle style

If you want a classic garden that evokes the beauty and the rigor of French gardens, go to the topiary art which consists in pruning the bushes to offer them a geometric shape. You will have a garden worthy of Versailles.

Japanese steps to create aisles

To create paths in your garden, bet on Japanese steps that will give a very graphic spirit to your already existing paths or to your lawn if you install them in the grass.

An arch in the garden

To architect your green spaces, do not hesitate to create artificial elements such as a door using an arch that you will plant with climbing plants to offer a romantic look to the garden.

Flower pots around an alley

To stage the aisles in your garden, you can use different large flower pots that will delimit the surfaces well while giving height to your garden.

Garden furniture

Finally, be aware that garden furniture is not only installed in defined places in the garden! On the contrary, they find their perfect place in nooks to highlight them. Wood, wrought iron or tech: a whole range of garden benches available on our price comparison!