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10 tips for fitting out your garage

10 tips for fitting out your garage

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Tired of your overcrowded garage? It's time to act ! With a low investment and a few tricks, it is now possible to optimize the space and arrange this room so as to make it a pleasant, practical and functional place. A real extra room or practical storage space, you may well no longer recognize your garage thanks to our 10 tips to arrange it properly.

A two-part garage

Castorama To arrange your garage in a practical way, separate the space in two: the one closest to the entrance will be entirely reserved for the car while the one at the bottom, close to the door that leads to the interior, can be used as a 'storage space for tools for example.

The gardening garage

Castorama Because the garage generally opens onto the garden, consider it as an extension to your exterior and use part of it to store your garden accessories. You can even add a work plan to make your sowing and other planting in pots.

A hybrid corner

Castorama Do you want to optimize your garage in terms of storage without cluttering it? Use only one corner of it to install shelves and cupboards where all the objects you want to store will rub together: a few tools, garden accessories and even your water bottles.

Practical shelves

Castorama The trick to optimize the shelves and protect your belongings? Use storage boxes that will allow objects to be brought together. It will also be more convenient to move when you need your tools.

A piece in its own right

Leroy Merlin If you do not want to use your garage to accommodate your car, your garage can become a real room in its own right. For a DIY workshop for example, we will proceed with the arrangement as for a kitchen: storage furniture that installs on the walls and a work plan in the center.

Practical accessories to add

Leroy Merlin To tidy up in your garage, think of all the accessories that will make your job easier: a bottle holder for your water and fruit juice or hooks to hang your cleaning accessories. One watchword: organization.

A laundry room in the garage

Alinea And if your garage is a large area, why not partition it to install a clean space for your laundry room. Install your washing machine but also a space for ironing.

Protect your objects to be stored

Alinea Because the garage can be a less clean space than the rest of the house, prefer closed storage spaces. You will find for example storage cabinets specially dedicated to the garage.

Store up to the ceiling

Leroy Merlin To optimize the space in your garage, use each square meter! We then think of the accessories that allow the bikes to be hung and we arrange a storage space a few centimeters from the ceiling to store bulky objects that are not often used.


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