Unusual: decoration of stars

Unusual: decoration of stars

On the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, we wondered what the decor looked like for celebrities in song and cinema. Little Hollywood overview with Johnny, Céline, Britney and Frank. From the baroque lounge to the sober contemporary decor, there is something for everyone!

Céline Dion's living room In her American castle, Céline Dion has opted for a Baroque decoration. With a sky painted on the ceiling, imposing red curtains and very old furniture, this living room is worthy of Versailles.

Johnny Depp's bedroom

keystone Press At Johnny Depp's, we find the same baroque style as before at Céline Dion, but with cooler colors.

Christina Aguilera's entrance

This is an imperial entrance. The famous American singer gave herself a theatrical entrance with a large staircase covered with a red carpet, two thick curtains and an impressive chandelier.

Alicia Keys' hallway

In the American singer, we find a decoration in natural colors with shades of beige which highlight the tips of red. We also notice the beautiful mixture of materials: wood, glass, carpet…

Katharine Hepburn's kitchen

This kitchen dazzles us with its whiteness. Victorian style, we also note the importance of noble materials such as wood and marble.

Anjelica Huston's living room

The captivating Morticia in * The Adams Family * decorated her living room with numerous paintings and movie posters. What we like about this decor; the flea market universe with the many paintings, books, cushions and lamps of different styles that go very well together.

Frank Sinatra's living room

From his living room, the crooner enjoys a breathtaking view, without being seen thanks to the large trees. Admittedly, the green armchairs plunge us back into the 1970s, but we like the carpets which make it possible to create a defined space in a large living room.

The living room / dining room of Halle Berry

The house of the star of * James Bond * benefits from a beautiful light thanks to the numerous openings and the white walls which reflect the light. The large sofa is a clever decorative idea to separate the living room from the dining room. Here we find a contemporary decoration where the importance is given to noble materials and light tones.

Jim Carrey's living room

In the comedian's living room, there are many shades of yellow. The adjoining rooms are not easy to arrange. Take advantage of the smallest spaces, such as the hallway here, to install an additional piece of furniture, a bar or an American kitchen.