The bed plays with smart storage solutions

The bed plays with smart storage solutions

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Whether you have a small apartment or a large house, a remark that comes up quite often is indeed: there is not enough storage! So to best optimize the space there are many practical solutions like in the bedroom where the bed turns into a real chest of drawers. Drawers, shelves or even a chest, choose the ideal storage bed for your sleeping area.

Drawers under a bunk bed

Maisons du Monde Uncommon and yet very practical, these two bunk beds have a large drawer. Your children will have no excuse for not storing their toys!

Safe version

3 Swiss When you go from winter time to summer time, you often wonder where you will be able to store your big warm duvet. No need to wonder thanks to this bed which has a safe, easy to use by lifting only the mattress.

A large drawer and modules on casters

3 Swiss In a small bedroom for children, it is essential to organize storage. The large central drawer of the bed allows you to store the linen, the shelves for current readings, and finally the module on wheels turns into a small seat.

Wicker baskets

La Redoute This pretty wooden bed and wicker headboard has not finished surprising us. With its four wicker baskets embedded here and there in the box spring, it allows us to store everything that hangs out.

Storage cupboards

3 Suisses Children's beds are often the ones that best combine sleeping and storage space. The proof with this raised model which proposes a battery of cupboards and a corner office.

Two large drawers

Maisons du Monde Children need space to store their toys, so having a bed with two large drawers is a major advantage. We particularly like this elegant and refined white model that you can easily dare in a little girl's room.

Sliding doors

La Redoute Having drawers under the bed can be impractical in a room that barely has room to open them. We prefer these sliding doors as decorative as they are clever. We love !

Drawers and a headboard

La Redoute In the drawers of this bed, you can easily slide all the duvet covers and spare pillowcases. As for the headboard, it takes care of decorating objects, books and some secrets in its small drawers.

Baskets and shelves

3 Suisses Full of ingenuity, this bed offers two practical types of storage. The baskets allow to hide what should not be seen, as for the shelves, they accommodate our prettiest works.