Villa Arguibel between luxury and design in Guéthary

Villa Arguibel between luxury and design in Guéthary

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** Mariannick and François Blasselle ** welcomes you by the ocean, near Biarritz in a concept that is located between a four-star hotel and a prestigious guest house, *** the Arguibe residence *** l. They offer you five rooms including two suites with a singular decor which harmoniously unites revisited old furniture and contemporary paintings. An invitation to calm and fantasy guaranteed ...

Charlie Chaplin bedroom

Sebastien Carrier Immerse yourself in a rock'n roll atmosphere in the black and white bedroom *** Charlie Chaplin ***. Stainless steel plays with the design and the cubic shapes of the bathroom are reflected in the mirror resin on the floor.

The Pierre Loti room

Sebastien Carrier The *** Pierre Loti *** suite with its exotic touches brings together an ideal refuge where everything makes you want to curl up…

The Betry Daguerre room

Sebastien Carrier The mineral room *** Betry Daguerre *** offers you with its jungle fabrics and its lamps in the shape of clouds and pebbles a well deserved rest.

The Ramiro Arrue Hall

Sebastien Carrier Take the patio *** Ferdinand Brada *** and push the door of the Basque entrance. You find yourself facing the chain of the Pyrenees which will take you away in a prelude of enchantment. Its majestic staircase will lead you to the *** Ramiro Arrue *** reading room.

The Infanta's room

Sebastien Carrier Baroque revisited with nuances of charm in the bedroom of *** l'Infante ***…

The Maurice Ravel 2 lounge

Sebastien Carrier The old armchairs reupholstered with floral fabrics signed *** Joseph Frank *** of the living room *** Maurice Ravel *** propels you into a warm and friendly universe…


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