Living room storage: instructions in pictures

Living room storage: instructions in pictures

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To enjoy a pleasant interior, storage is the key! Also, we take advantage of spring to reorganize its interior to optimize storage. We are now tackling the living room, where there are many storage possibilities. The proof in 20 images.

Traditional furniture

Alinéa For the storage of your living room, think of traditional furniture that can accommodate many accessories. The buffet is for example ideal for storing your dishes and table linen while offering you a space where to display decorative items.

Wall shelves

Ikea To use the wall surface, you can add shelves to your wall. Not only will you be able to deposit a few decorative items, but also store books and other accessories. Another tip: you can also use storage boxes to create a side table where you will put a lamp.

Large storage cupboards

Ikea As if it were a kitchen, the living room can be fitted with storage cupboards fixed to the wall. We choose beautiful colorful facades to make these practical closets also a decorative asset.

Furniture along the room

Ikea Do not hesitate to use all the wall surface you have. For example, place low storage furniture all around the room to maximize storage while benefiting from worktops or surfaces to decorate.

An accumulation of furniture

Ikea If you have a free wall, you can accumulate storage space. Not only will you maximize the storage space, but you will also have an original decorative look that will look great in your interior.

Storage above the sofa

La Redoute Rather than installing a large decorative photo on the wall above your sofa, you can also opt for storage furniture. To add the decorative aspect to your furniture, bet on three models that you will choose in different colors.

Modular storage

La Redoute If you want storage that is not frozen, you can invest a wall with modular storage lockers. You will be able to multiply the lockers as much as you want to create your idea of ​​storage.

Storage and TV

Alinéa Take advantage of the television space and its dedicated furniture to create a real storage space. You can for example add modules on the height of the wall to maximize the surface.

A discreet wardrobe

Paragraph If you need a large storage space also think of cabinet type furniture. Opt for a narrow model that will not stifle the room and choose a decorative facade that will make you forget the storage but will rather serve as a decorative painting.

Colorful scales

La Redoute In a lounge with a pop atmosphere, we prefer shelves that are as practical as they are decorative! Green plants, small colorful boxes and books find a place of choice.

Everything on the floor

Maisons du Monde If the cupboards don't mean anything to you in your living room, put everything on the floor! Magazines and vases have settled on this beautiful cowhide rug. Be careful not to get caught in it!

A practical separation

Paragraph If your living room is open to the dining room, you can decide to use a storage unit to separate the spaces. We really like these cubes which let in light and which do not impose themselves too much on the decor.

Large wall cupboards

Ikea In a small living room, it is on the walls that you will have to rely on to install some storage. Here, cupboards and shelves have found their place above the sofa. Convenient to have everything at hand!

An original wardrobe

Maisons du Monde We are under the spell of this metal wardrobe that seems straight out of a boat! Its little extra that makes the difference: a sliding door that allows you to hide the papers and exhibit your most beautiful decorative objects in the open space.

A sleek TV stand

AM PM So that the decor is light in the living room, favor purified storage furniture like this black metal TV cabinet that has no door or drawer. Thus, everything is exposed!

A destructured library

Alinéa Very trendy, unstructured bookcases are ideal for storage where everything is seen. We therefore avoid storing our unsightly objects.

Double storage

Ikea This living room is organized like a bedroom with these two small storage units that imitate the bedside tables. Convenient to slide all the books without adopting a large library.

A section of storage wall

La Redoute A storage wall in the living room can be very practical so that everything is organized in the same place. Cupboards for storing papers, space for TV, shelves for books, here everything is done to be functional!

A low table

Maisons du Monde When you have a small living room in which the installation of a storage unit is almost impossible, trick by adopting a coffee table that hides practical spaces like this little chest!