Discover the new Perene kitchen and bathroom products for 2017

Discover the new Perene kitchen and bathroom products for 2017

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The kitchen designer Perene will inaugurate in a few days his brand new showroom, located in the center of Saint-Cloud in the Parisian suburbs. Beyond presenting the models of the premium brand of the Fournier group, it aims to be a store in which the customer can infinitely personalize his interior, in the arrangement, the colors and the materials used. The store's organizers exhibit their know-how and their favorites. Guided tour of one of the brand's seven new stores, which will open in the first half of 2017.

Practical kitchen storage

Katia Rimbert In terms of storage, the kitchen is of course provided with numerous fronts for storing dishes and containers, but also ingenious compartmentalized drawers. Perene has also created a partnership with the Italian brand Lagostina to manufacture sites dedicated to each utensil and cutlery. We love the very chic handles in the copper finish and the retractable cupboard doors.

A light credenza

Katia Rimbert To contrast with the dark wood of the kitchen, the corian splashback and the storage compartments of the same shade bring brightness to the room supported by the LED spotlights. Among the brand's other kitchens, there are ranges in a light wooden chalet spirit such as the Weightlessness Effect model with its suspended island, a curved kitchen (Audace de Galbe reference) or even more professional kitchens entirely designed stainless steel.

Kitchens for all styles

Katia Rimbert In this 135 square meter showroom designed by Patrick Sery, everything is done so that the customer can circulate between each element in order to imagine concretely what it would make at home and to concretize his project with the help of the designers, according to its budget. In terms of equipment, Perene has teamed up with several high-end brands to offer you the best in home appliances.

A black and white bathroom

Katia Rimbert Besides kitchens, the brand - created in Haute-Savoie in 1938 - offers bathroom models at the cutting edge of the trend. In this room reigns a Japanese atmosphere thanks to the mosaic on the floor and walls but also to the marble wall covering as well as the alliance of dark tones and white.

Compartmentalize its storage

Katia Rimbert Even on the bathroom side, storage should not be taken lightly! The proof here with these large drawers compartmentalized using different transparent accessories to separate washing products from cosmetics or hairdressing accessories. We fall for the ultra design basin imagined by the designers Perene Design Lab.

Three spaces in one

Katia Rimbert In this Sweet sensuality bathroom, the fully glazed shower rubs shoulders with the immaculate bathtub in a very natural atmosphere. What to relax in a good hot bath! What is ingenious is that the layout of the room makes it possible to use the space for several since the sink area is well defined. There are also models that invite us even more to travel, such as the Lumière et Zénitude powder room with a central partition and a more mineral look.

A designer sink area

Katia Rimbert On the sink side, there are designer and very refined storage spaces, which allow you to fully enjoy the room. The mirrors significantly enlarge the space while the small niches and wooden accessories are all additional decorative storage.

The wardrobe of our dreams

Katia Rimbert Who has never dreamed of having a made-to-measure wardrobe where you can store all your clothes? Perene has decided to develop its activity by proposing storage solutions for the whole house. For gentlemen, drawers are reserved for ties and belts while special hangers accommodate the pants. For ladies, sunglasses, jewelry, shoes or even handbags each have a specific place.

Endless possibilities

Katia Rimbert In her new showroom, a wall of materials allows you to touch and compare materials to make the best choice and judge their texture. You can also see the 2,000 or so colors offered by the brand in the design studio, as well as the patterns to print on certain materials and finishes (leather effect, concrete, etc.). The new showroom is located at 159 Boulevard de la République 92210 Saint-Cloud. For more info, visit the Perene website.


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