Feed and protect birds

Feed and protect birds

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Hanging bird feeder

Lapadd ** Isabel Hamm bird feeder ** This aluminum and stainless steel bird feeder will bring a very designer effect to the garden while feeding small birds. It hangs in a tree to integrate into nature. Dimensions: diameter 13.8 cm x 19.5 cm. Price: 43 euros

Muskhane decorative felt storage nest

Muskhane ** Muskhane nest ** Here is a nest box that will allow birds to face the cold thanks to the warmth of felt, the material that constitutes it. The birdhouse can hang from a tree. There are several soft colors for a very poetic air in the garden. Dimensions: height 40 cm; diameter 17 cm. Price: 39 euros

Tray feeder Eva Solo

Eva Solo ** Eva Solo feeder ** Designed by designers Holbaek and Jensen, this feeder is planted in the garden to feed birds in all seasons. It can hold up to 2.5 liters of food which is distributed as you go. Dimensions: height 70 cm; diameter 20 cm. Price: 99 euros

Standing bird feeder

Lapadd ** Isabel Hamm bird feeder ** This bird feeder is to be planted in the garden to evoke a torch. The birds can land on a small border to access the seeds retained by a screen. Dimensions: diameter 13.8 cm; height 19.5 cm; foot height 1.2 m. Price: 68 euros

Felt birdhouse

La Corbeille ** Birdhouse from Studio Lo ** Here is a very original bird house because you can build it yourself! But beware, this is not the traditional hut because it is made of felt to bring warmth to the birds during the winter. Price: 44 euros