Colors and antique furniture in a 50m2 apartment in Paris

Colors and antique furniture in a 50m2 apartment in Paris

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This week, the editorial 'takes you to the heart of Paris, in an apartment decorated by Marion Alberge. The interior designer chose mottled and colorful furniture for this pretty cocoon located rue de Navarin. Mix of styles and eras with a radiant decoration of simplicity, which gives us beautiful decorative desires to reproduce at home! Discovery in pictures.

Low furniture for a cozy living room

Cyrille Robin Next to the sofa, a red leather armchair appears. Voluntarily low, the furniture wants to be cozy and simple, with fine wooden legs combined with mahogany parquet.

Vinyl and vintage spirit

Cyrille Robin The bright living room houses a wooden library dedicated to CDs and vinyls. A small retro effect accentuated by the vinyl that sits above, next to the plant whose long stem seems to take height.

Color explosion in the office

Cyrille Robin Colors explode at the office corner! Red, green, yellow and blue cultivate creativity and energize the room. They reveal series of books to display or hide, as you wish. Little reminder on the wall with the graphic and optical table. The tone is set !

Decorative and custom storage

Cyrille Robin Here is a pretty dresser which seems to have found a second life with these drawers repainted in blue and white. We are inspired by this customization, to be adapted according to the models and colors we like. The same goes for the white locker next door, which readily accommodates a retro wooden transistor and a hatbox called "Paulette".

A quiet place to eat

Cyrille Robin At the time of * tea time *, nothing better than a tête-à-tête on this small table with mismatched chairs. Two models with compass feet that we love, honoring an unstoppable decorative duo: wood and white.

Small decor staged

Cyrille Robin Zoom on the small decoration staged on the wooden sideboard. Old books rub shoulders with objects under a bell and a pretty blue vase imbued with poetry. A personal decoration filled with objects that we imagine charged with history and unique.

Decorate at low prices

Cyrille Robin Sometimes it only takes a little to decorate a wall. No need to paint it, a small white shelf is enough to accommodate paintings and album covers at your convenience. We mix styles and eras, with frames of different sizes and shapes.

An immaculate bathroom

Cyrille Robin The bright bathroom plays with white! From floor to ceiling, this immaculate shade invites itself into this place full of serenity. We like the small sideboard and the mottled mirror which gives a precious look to the water corner.

Simple and accessible, the decor that inspires us

Cyrille Robin In wall decoration, there is of course something for everyone, but also (and above all) for all budgets! No need to go broke, a movie poster is enough to bring the vintage and colorful touch that we expected. All the more so if it is Jean-Luc Godard's * Contempt *, in cult colors and replicas. More info on: