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Zelliges in the whole house

Zelliges in the whole house

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The zellige comes straight from Morocco and invades our interiors. This terracotta tile is glazed and cut before being painted. It can be plain or patterned and can be placed in any room of the house. To cover a splashback, have an original floor covering, create a unique bathroom or a terrace that encourages travel, it is adorned with all colors to form kinds of inspiring mosaics.

An oriental bathroom

Nicolas Mathéus In this master bedroom, the Moroccan-style bathroom is made up of a walk-in shower and golden bronze zellige walls signed Emery & Cie with the most beautiful effect. Forget the shower screens and the frills, here, the space is refined for more functionality.

Starry tiles on the floor

Bernard Touillon To give a little decorative touch to your floor covering, some of these gray tiles have a small white star which gives a crazy charm to this office area. The little extra? The zelliges, like the tiling, are very easy to clean.

A balcony that invites you to travel

Art et Sud Need to feel at home as on vacation? What if you renovate your balcony or terrace with zelliges? Immediate boarding for Morocco and change of scenery guaranteed with this azure blue hue and these decorative friezes. Install benches and plants to energize everything.

Protection for hotplates

Nicolas Mathéus In the kitchen, the splashback is quickly stained by splashes and grease from the cooking plates. To avoid covering a natural stone model like this, remember to fix some zelliges on top of these to protect your wall.

Zelliges around the bathtub

Atelier Zelij Zelliges can also be used for wall cladding. They are smaller and thinner than the tiles and have this more authentic handcrafted side. They will find their place perfectly around a bathtub or a bathroom vanity.

A colorful open kitchen

Vicent Leroux / Temps Machine It feels like a Riad in the Maghreb! This open kitchen is entirely blue, with storage furniture, flooring and walls, and even the worktop! This total very Mediterranean look is to be preferred with white.

A brilliant work plan

Jean-Marc Palisse In this small rustic kitchen, the work surface and the splashback are both covered with shiny black zelliges, which creates a nice contrast with the rest of the room built in wood. We love the typically Moroccan copper or terracotta kitchen utensils.

An original headboard

Bernard Touillon This room has the particularity of having a headboard made from patterned zelliges. Result? You save space while having a decoration that is out of the ordinary. It's up to you to harmonize everything with adequate bed linen and furniture of the same shade.

Two-tone tiles

Emery & Cie The zelliges can be painted in all colors but also sport several colors, in order to create interesting gradations. The proof, these two-tone tiles on the walls give a unique style to the room, which is all the more enhanced by the furniture covered by fish scale tiles.