20 ideas for an industrial style terrace

20 ideas for an industrial style terrace

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A little wood, some skillfully arranged pots, pretty metal pieces, give character to your terrace by adopting the industrial style. Popular for interior decoration, this trend adapts very well to your outdoor spaces and creates a young and trendy atmosphere. Quickly discover our 20 ideas to adopt the industrial style!

Colorful metal chairs

Maison du Monde We mix materials, materials and colors to create a festive industrial atmosphere perfect for enjoying summer on your terrace. For this, we place for example the Batignolles chairs (available at Maison du Monde) around a pretty rough wooden table.

Metal pedestal shelf

Ikea Large, small, round, square, earthenware or metal, combine different shapes of pots for a trendy effect. At Ikea the * Salladskal * metal shelf allows you to arrange your plants to create a wild and industrial atmosphere.

Cement coffee table

AM.PM Long neglected, concrete is making a comeback on your terrace. But this time, forget the sad and gray floor and put on furniture with a sleek design for a trendy effect like this cement coffee table signed AM.PM.

Cement end table

AM.PM The key to a successful industrial style? The alliance of metal and concrete! With this AM.PM cement end table, you can't go wrong.

Colorful metal table

La Redoute Pile in the trend, this dining table available at La Redoute exists in 4 different colors. Ideal for small spaces, it allows you to bring a colorful touch and thus give a festive air to your terrace!

Folding wood and metal garden table

La Redoute Even the smallest terraces can take advantage of the industrial trend ... with, for example, this small folding garden table that combines metal and wood (available on La Redoute Interiors).

Wooden hanging armchair

AM.PM Ideal for your reading break, bet on the originality of a hanging chair like the Swing model at AM.PM to add a touch of design to your industrial terrace!

Metal stool and footrest

La Redoute Metal is at the heart of the trend. For a refined industrial decoration, bet on the chic of La Redoute's Inuwik armchairs and footstools. Dark, they will also bring a touch of elegance to your exterior.

Metal chair with ethnic pattern

La Redoute If you only had to choose one motif to enhance your terrace, bet on the Impalla armchairs (La Redoute). They will also add an ethnic chic touch!

Led lantern

Unopiu Give a real place to this old iron bed that you have kept for years in your garage ... A nice carpet, some elegant cushions and a beautiful LED lantern (Oslo model available at Unopiu) will add the modern and cozy touch that love so much.

Aluminum Chair

La Redoute Unavoidable, the aluminum bistro chairs (La Redoute) immediately give a trendy industrial look to your outdoor dining area.

Aluminum double deck chair

La Redoute With its aluminum structure and dark canvas, this double Chilean (La Redoute Interiors) is perfect for enjoying the sun as a couple!

High table in metal and wood

Castorama Ideal for creating a dining area near your barbecue, this high table (Castorama Tambora model) combines wood and metal to give an industrial spirit to your terrace!

Outdoor light ball

Leroy Merlin Extend your summer evenings by dotting your terrace with light points. Economical and ecological, the luminous white Melao INSPIRE (Leroy Merlin) table balls are perfect for creating an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Charcoal barbecue

Castorama Even your barbecue adopts the industrial spirit! With this Original Kettle Premium 57 model available at Catsorama you will add a little retro touch!

Black metal brazier

Maison du Monde Warm up your summer evenings by adding an industrial-look brazier next to your garden furniture, like the Sahraoui model available at Maison du Monde.

Acacia garden table

La Redoute Perfect for small areas, this acacia garden table (La Redoute Interiors) immediately gives a trendy and industrial look to your terrace!

Metal half greenhouse

Maison du Monde For the largest terraces, do not hesitate to play the industrial recovery trend thoroughly with an aged metal half greenhouse perfect for your most fragile plants (Tuileries model, Maison du Monde).

Metal and cement cache pot

Alinea Plants, plants, plants! Nothing is more pleasant than a flowered terrace, so do not hesitate to bring an industrial touch by mixing the pot covers as with the Barrel and Andy models available at Alinéa.


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