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Like a holiday air in Neuilly-sur-Seine

Like a holiday air in Neuilly-sur-Seine

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Once the gate pushed, we could not imagine being in the heart of Neuilly-sur-Seine, very close to the suburbs of Paris. This exceptional house and its pretty garden with trees has nothing to envy to the prettiest country houses. Enough to make us wait while waiting for the departure on summer vacation.

A garden with trees

Daniel Féau Immobilier There is no real house without at least a little bit of garden. Our house in Neuilly offers a large one, well maintained, which allows you to enjoy sunny days without any problem.

A home spa

Daniel Féau Immobilier Surprise underground of this pretty house: the basement contains a swimming pool and spa.

A modern living room

Daniel Féau Immobilier As soon as we entered the house, we came face to face with a very modern living room. We find pretty light colors, enhanced by an ultra-modern fireplace mantel in gray tones.

Open space on the ground floor

Daniel Féau Immobilier The ground floor is entirely devoted to living rooms. Fully open, it offers a comfortable reception area.

Kitchen and dining room at the same time

Daniel Féau Immobilier The central island of the large kitchen extends into a large dining room table, ideal for dining with family or friends.

Modern but cozy

Daniel Féau Immobilier The completely open ground floor of this house offers several spaces. In addition to the living room, dining room and kitchen, there is also a cocooning or reading corner with a pretty green armchair and its matching footstool.

Wood in the bathroom

Daniel Féau Immobilier The modern interior of the house contrasts with its rather classic exterior, and the bathroom is no exception. There is a beautiful pebble bathtub framed by beautiful wood details.

A colorful wall for the bedroom

Daniel Féau Immobilier In the large master bedroom, the owners opted for a decoration in rather sober colors. Except for the wall behind the bed, painted in a pretty orange.

View room

Daniel Féau Immobilier The house benefits from a very beautiful light. In the master bedroom, the three large windows are a real skylight and offer a beautiful view of the garden. Source: Daniel Féau Immobilier


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