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Recycle scrap fabric: full of ideas

Recycle scrap fabric: full of ideas

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The emerging spring feeds our desires for new decor. To achieve this without breaking the bank, the easy and inexpensive tip is to recycle scrap fabric! Because these textiles that we were about to throw have great potential for makeovers. The proof in pictures.

To revamp a screen

Ikéa The mottled screen deserves a refurbishment assignment. With decorative textiles and dedicated glue, it's done! In addition, we can even match its patterns to those of the decor ...

To revamp old cushions

Ikea In the spring, our wardrobe changes, but we are not the only ones to dress differently. Our old cushions are also offered a complete makeover thanks to polka dot, floral, striped textiles, Jouy canvas style ... In short, they offer a real makeover.

To revamp a shelf

Ikea Giving a boost to a classic shelf is easy. For that, there is only to place, in the background, a large decorative textile, and voila! The patterns of ships of this one, in any case, a sacred effect.

To revamp a table leg

Ikéa The patterns of roses make you dizzy? Wrapped in strips on the foot of the table, they make you forget, while fitting your breakfast corner.

To revamp garden furniture

Ikea In the garden too, we wrap strips of fabric, this time at the foot of the chairs! A little personalization that makes the difference…

To revamp the table decor

Ikéa The table decor is 100% recycled, and it works! Checkered tablecloth, striped placemats and large floral sheer. Who says better ?

To revamp storage baskets

Ikea Spring cleaning is now. Yes, but by storing everything in bins, boxes and baskets, you get lost. The right idea? Tie a strip of fabric with different patterns on each of them! A personalized touch that should prove very useful…

To revamp garden pots

Ikea Not enough decorative terracotta pots from the garden? Wrapped with stripes of striped fabric, they show us that it is only a question of accessorization.

To revamp the wall

Blanc des Vosges Hanging a canvas on the wall to improvise a headboard, a canopy or simply dressing a wall that is too bland, it's effective, easy and inexpensive!