Textiles in the spotlight in the bathroom

Textiles in the spotlight in the bathroom

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To create a pleasant atmosphere in your bathroom, textiles play an important role. The more fabrics your bathroom has, the more comfortable and warm it will look. To help you bring textiles into your room, here are some very decorative ideas.

A dirty laundry bag

Ferm Living To store your dirty laundry until the next machine, you can buy yourself a nice cloth bag that will allow you to store the laundry cleverly and aesthetically. You just need to hang the bag on a hook.

A dirty cloth laundry basket

Ferm Living If the dirty laundry bag is not large enough for you, you can also bet on the large basket with a frame covered with a nice textile that will brighten up the bathroom.

Baskets for products

Le Grand Comptoir To store your beauty products, you can have small cloth baskets on your vanity unit to group the products aesthetically. You can use one basket for products and another for hand towels.

A soft carpet

Castorama To bring a warm style to your bathroom, you can also bet on a soft carpet that you install near the vanity unit. Be careful not to use it as a bath mat to avoid damaging it with moisture.

A beautiful toiletry bag

Spoiler And to store all your small accessories, you can also bet on a toilet bag in pretty fabric that you can display in the bathroom without complex. You can place it on a shelf or a small piece of furniture.

A textile shower curtain

Ferm Living For the shower curtain, we avoid the traditional plastic model in favor of a pretty cotton curtain which is protected by a waterproof layer. The fall of the curtain is then more aesthetic and the effect more warm.

Fabric bath rugs

Ferm Living In order not to permanently leave the bath mat at the foot of the bathtub, you can opt for a pretty basket which will accommodate several bath mats that each can place according to their needs. And the effect is very decorative!

Curtains like in the living room

Leroy Merlin To dress the bathroom, you can also opt for beautiful fabric curtains that will give a living space to your bathroom.

Multiplied textiles

Delpha Finally, to create a very warm atmosphere, you can multiply the different textiles by opting for a silky carpet, soft cushions arranged carelessly on the floor, elegant curtains and decorative towels.


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