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The decor under a big blue sky

The decor under a big blue sky

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Spring may be desired, it is hard to believe the beautiful days to come with sun and big blue sky. A promise to which our decor now pays homage, tinged in turn with a cloudless blue sky…

In duet

Ikéa Pretty gradient of stools having drawn their color from the blue of the sky. It remains to associate decorative accessories in the same tones to accentuate the spring style!

Blue dreams

Ikea The bed also thinks of her blue dream. And so much the better! Because to sleep on a small cloud, nothing like bundling up in a down having borrowed the color of the sky…

Indoor / outdoor

Vincent Gallix Divinely sixties, this butterfly coffee table can be played indoor / outdoor. In any case, inside or outside, she never leaves her "blue sky" side which sticks so well to her skin!

At sea

Maisons du Monde In the same way that the blue of the sky melts into the ocean, the sky blue color chart of this children's room blends gently with the seaside style. Destination elsewhere!

On the ceiling

Ikéa Wearing a Chinese hat, this pendant light is the small square of blue sky that lights up our ceiling.


Maisons du Monde Almost imperceptible, the blue sky at dawn has appropriated the walls of this infinitely soft and soothing room… Irresistible!


The Collection Dotted with peas, this sky blue bed linen seems to be an invitation to daydream and tenderness. In short, we love!

By small touch

Papiluc Even the smallest decorative details are tinged with sky blue! Demonstration with this beautifully repainted hanger and voluntarily positioned in full view to stand out.

In the kitchen

Comptoir de Famille Subtle marriage of sky blue and turquoise in the kitchen! Or how to reconnect with the sweetness of family houses of yesteryear near our stoves ...