There is always a small corner for my computer

There is always a small corner for my computer

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The square meters of our interiors shrinking like a skin of sorrow, it becomes increasingly difficult to find room to put your computer. And since not everyone is lucky enough to have a room specially dedicated to work, here are 10 decorating ideas to settle in with your computer without cluttering the space.

A micro table

Ikea This table, with Scandinavian design and trendy colors, will always find a small place to slip discreetly into a corner of the room, a corridor or behind a door. Ideal for hosting a computer, you can even install a lamp and some office accessories.

Wall lockers

Ikea Smart and practical, hang white lockers on the wall that allow you to store everything you need to work. Notebooks, pens, diary and even a computer are always close at hand, all without having to move everything!

A cushion to put the computer down

Ikea Here is the smallest of the offices but also the most comfortable! This tablet has a built-in cushion that allows you to lay your computer while curling up on a sofa or on your bed.

A mobile office

Purpose Mounted on casters, this desk / trolley can be installed anywhere in the house. With contemporary and refined lines, it will go well with all decorative styles.

A desk integrated into a shelf

Fly Why not set up a small space in your library. Reserve a shelf and put a chair in it, you have just created an economical and practical office.

An office tray

Ikea Placed on the knees, this tray allows you to stably place your computer and stand up straight to work anywhere.

A nightstand

Ikea The bed is not just for sleep. It also turns out to be a great workspace. Comfortably installed, it becomes easier to concentrate. Be careful not to succumb to a little nap.

A wall table

ikea Folded up, forget it and unfolded, the wall table turns out to be a practical and pleasant little desk.

A stool with several possibilities

Ikea The stool can be transformed into a side desk. Placed at the end of the sofa, it takes up very little space and at the right height, it can be easily stored under a table to be pulled out when a guest arrives.


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