The platform to gain height

The platform to gain height

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The platform is THE good decor idea for structuring and delimiting space, optimizing the available floor space and highlighting your furniture. More than a simple arrangement, it represents a practical and functional solution for those who want to separate without partitioning, add volume or add style to their room. Staircase, cupboard or drawer platform… we invite you to discover our 10 ideas to appropriate this trend.

A decorative platform

Leroy Merlin

A platform is good ... but how to structure this space, materialize it and match it with the rest of its decoration? The solution: adorn your risers with a toned color harmonized with your furniture! A tip particularly recommended for children.

A tone on tone platform


Conversely, for more discretion, you can choose to match it to the decoration of your room. By favoring light colors, you will also bring volume to your room. Source: Bloesem (//

A special hidden corner

Int2 Architecture

If there is one place that we often forget to use, it is the underside of the bed. However, by installing drawers under your platform, you can easily tidy up, organize and store bed linen, clothes and shoes without altering your room. With the platform, no more lost space! Source: Sonia Saelens Deco

A multifunctional platform

IKEA hacks

Your room is small and cramped and you dream of transforming it into an airy, practical and functional space? The raised bed could well be the solution! Most often comprising a bed and a storage shelf, it really has everything good. Source: IKEA hacks

An improvised platform

Bedroom idea

Your budget is limited? This is not reason enough to skip the platform of your dreams! If you are creative, you can stage your bed with wooden pallets and a little paint. The advantage: your platform will move as you wish. Source: Idea bedroom

A platform with partition

Francesca Perani

To bring a little privacy to your sleeping area, the installation of a platform with integrated OSB panel can be considered. In addition to its authentic appearance, durability and aesthetics, this material has the advantage of being three times less expensive than its equivalents. It would therefore be a shame to overlook it! Source: Architettura italiana

A fun platform


If in the child's room, the platform represents a solution of arrangement and playful sleeping very appreciated by our toddlers. Know that by opening the lower part, it will transform into a small hiding place where they will enjoy meeting, playing, reading and developing their imagination. Source: Heju

A platform to differentiate spaces


The platform will be a shock ally to structure your space and separate your bedroom from the living room without partitioning. For more comfort, know that you can also install a glass partition that will isolate you and will alleviate some acoustic inconvenience. Source: Roomlybox

A special relaxation platform


And, because the bathroom is no exception, we invite you to discover this designer bathtub embedded in a platform with lower storage. Its advantages: it is equipped with the chromotherapy function and a silent system with fine bubbles. The dream !