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Decorative gifts for Mother's Day for less than 20 euros

Decorative gifts for Mother's Day for less than 20 euros

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Mothers are only celebrated once a year. It is not enough, you say. So make sure that this last Sunday in May is special, whatever our budget at the moment. To please the most important woman in our lives, here is a selection of decorative items for less than 20 euros. Good shopping !

So that she can store her beautiful jewelry

Maisons du Monde Long gone are the pasta necklaces or plastic pearls that were made expressly for Mom. She may not be wearing them anymore, but she must have kept them preciously. Give them a nice case. * Metal jewelry box, € 9.99 for the small model at Maisons du Monde *

What you need for the bath

Zara Home So that your sweet mom can store her little bath products in style, opt for these pretty accessories with golden patterns. * Gold pattern bathroom accessories, from € 9.99 at Zara Home {rel = "nofollow"} *

A pretty candy box

La Redoute Interieurs The glass candy boxes are timeless. The vintage looks of this model from La Redoute Interieurs will go perfectly with a slightly retro or classic decor universe. For a guaranteed "Wow" effect: fill it with your mother's favorite sweets. * La Redoute Interiors candy dish, € 15.99 at La Redoute *

A piece of mother nature

Interior Discount Carved from an organic wooden log, this pretty storage compartment will delight more than one mother. * Organic wooden storage compartment, € 19.99 at Interior Discount *

New clothes for cushions

Eminza We never have enough decorative cushions. Add to your mom's collection for Mother's Day with this pretty water green Aztec motif cushion cover. * Aztec Green water cushion cover, € 12.99 at Eminza *

A house for magazines

Present Time / La Redoute This magazine rack in copper-colored metal is on trend this summer! The real gift? Promise your mom to give her the time to read the magazines she will store there. * Magazine storage "House" in copper metal, € 15.90 at La Redoute *

To give style to your candles

Athezza / Decoclico The smallest tealight candle will take on a whole new look with these pretty glass candle jars with "harlequin" facets. * The four small tealight holders, € 19.90 at Decoclico *

A great classic: the photo frame

Ideko It is indeed a great classic but we never tire of it: the photo frame. They always please mothers, as long as they frame beautiful memories. * 5 photos removable frame, € 19.99 at Ideko *

Ceramic heart

Artisanat Design What better way to say "I love you" to your mother than a candle in a heart-shaped case? * Candle "light in love", € 11.40 on *


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