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Seaside style decor in the bathroom

Seaside style decor in the bathroom

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In the bathroom, a water room par excellence, the seaside style takes on a whole new dimension! Place to relax with a holiday air in a very marine style. Here are some inspirations to create a seaside style at home.

A touch of exoticism

Leroy Merlin The seaside style does not only refer to the Mediterranean Sea! Indeed, you can easily bring a touch of exoticism into your bathroom by using exotic-looking wood species. Do not hesitate to accessorize with some tropical plants.

A sleek bathroom

Leroy Merlin For a seaside style bathroom, play the simplicity card. Do not overload the room too much, but strategically arrange furniture that will be used for storage and presentation of products.

Marine furniture

La Redoute For bathroom furniture, bet on wood. Choose wood slatted furniture reminiscent of beach huts or boat decks. For a very natural style, use baskets as drawers.

A driftwood spirit

Leroy Merlin Finally, if you prefer to combine design and seaside spirit, bet on furniture with clean lines but in colors reminiscent of driftwood. Textured gray with a slightly aged effect will be ideal.

Lagoon Blue

Leroy Merlin Want to have the sea at home? Leroy Merlin gives you the opportunity. This magnificent bathroom marries lagoon blue and white perfectly for a heavenly seaside atmosphere.

Zen and maritime

Leroy Merlin Here is a bathroom inspired by the seaside. Wood and porcelain remind us of sand and shells. We like the clean side and the neutral colors. The decorative elements are also sober and natural. A beautiful creation!

Like a boat

Mobalpa In this bathroom, the color blue is in the spotlight. The round mirrors and the glass on the door are almost like the portholes of boats. The whole is trendy, and will appeal to all families.

Some water !

Mobalpa This Mobalpa bathroom is simply fabulous. We love the transparency and the blue of the shower. The whole is delightfully marine and offers us a thalasso atmosphere.

Open to the sea

Villeroy et Boch Do you have a house by the sea? Open your bathroom to the outside! Dare the bay window, the transparent shower and the minimalist decor. Bet on wood and neutral colors, invite the sea to your home.

Paneling in the spotlight

Mr Bricolage The paneling is an inseparable coating of a seaside decor. In a bathroom, it enlarges the room and takes the color of your desires. Here, he invited himself in blue without false note!

A marine detail

Espace Aubade This sublime bathroom of Espace Aubade seduces us. Everything is white except for the sink cabinet which is dressed in a lagoon blue color, the blue of the tropical seas. The combination of colors is perfect as is the very sober decoration.

Pebble invites itself in the bathroom

Lapeyre In this bathroom proposed by Lapeyre, the pebble is in the spotlight. It is used as a covering in the shower and as a frieze in the rest of the room. The colors are neutral and enhanced by a black sink.

The chic seaside

Delpha Thanks to this sublime Delpha creation, you will only have to go to your bathroom to go to the seaside. We love the wooden furniture and its sustained color, the presence of noble and natural materials and the tip of blue.

Like a seashell

Villeroy et Boch And if your bathtub turned into a shell ... This is what Villeroy et Boch offers you with this sublime bathroom. Elegant, chic and maritime, it is both refined and warm thanks to the presence of raw wood.


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