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The bedroom of the romantic teenager

The bedroom of the romantic teenager

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Teenage girls are often demanding when it comes to decorating their bedroom. They want a decoration that is sufficiently adult without being too much. The solution ? A romantic decor for an adult who keeps a carefree adolescence.

A decor like in a garden

Ikea For a romantic decoration of country spirit, we put on beautiful bed linen with delicate flowers and we paint a wall in deep green for a modern touch in the room. We decorate the wall of the headboard with a big heart that sets the decor.

A delicate decoration

Ikea For a simple and romantic atmosphere, we put on a very pure white decor with a beautiful wrought iron bed and we come to enhance the whole by choosing bed linen in blue Jouy canvas.

A decoration in soft tones

Maisons du monde For a romantic atmosphere, you can opt for a slightly retro style with antique furniture such as a wrought iron bed and stylish furniture. These are the colors that will make the style of the room with pastel shades slightly gray which give a very soft pink atmosphere.

A decoration with charming furniture

Maisons du monde For a romantic atmosphere, you can also bet on chic rustic furniture that will create a charming atmosphere in the room. We then opt for white patinated furniture and a few pastel colors to further feminize the decor.

A shabby chic decor

Alinéa The furniture is old but brought up to date for a very soft and feminine charming atmosphere. The bedroom takes on the air of a flea market with old pink bed linen. And the light suspensions finish giving the atmosphere of charm to the room.

A contemporary romantic decor

Becquet If you still want to play the card of modernity, you can opt for a room in white tones and choose a flowery bed linen with a line drawing more contemporary than traditional patterns or the Jouy canvas.

A romantic decor revisited

Fly What if we changed from the traditional pink which evokes the romantic style? We opt for a more modern touch by betting on a purple wall which is installed at the level of the headboard to highlight the patinated furniture.

A flowery romantic decor

Ikea To give a feminine atmosphere to the bedroom, nothing like flowers! Apply them on the bed linen by choosing several patterns but also in the curtains to create a very charming total retro look.

An old rose decoration

Liou Finally, to breathe a touch of romance into the bedroom, nothing will be worth the old rose color! We put on a white decor that we accessorize with touches of pink on bed linen or decorative items. Some light colored suspensions will have their effect!