A new collection of young designers settles at Fly

A new collection of young designers settles at Fly

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Fly loves design and intends to prove it! They then present a new collection by editing the creators of tomorrow following the edition of the competition for young designers 2012. Thus, a dozen professionals offer us creations in the field of seating, lighting, storage and simplicity as the watchword. Presentation !

The Cumulus shelf by Pierre-François Dubois and Pauline Gilain

Fly Ranger without weighing down the space, that's the idea of ​​Pierre-François Dubois and Pauline Gilain who thought of an overhead storage for a light interior. The shelves are thin and are installed on a very refined base which gives a feeling of fragility which is only apparent. 339.50 euros

The Metalight lamp by Guillaume Bloget

Fly What could be simpler than a light metal bar? Efficient, this light goes to the essential by proposing a re-reading of the traditional table lamp. In aluminum and marble, its line will highlight your decor. 69 euros

The Pilo fireside chair by Raphaël Dutoit

Fly The concept of comfort is often simple and that is what we see Raphaël Dutoit who offers a fireside chair with a solid oak structure abutted which sport bounced cushions for the seat and the backrest. 299 euros

Motif tableware by Kritinee Panusitikorn and Célia Torvisco

Fly In the kitchen, everything is in the shade! This is the idea of ​​Kritinee Panusitikorn and Célia Torvisco who offers refined dishes with a revisited pattern which offers a gradient of colors on part of the immaculate porcelain. From 3.90 euros

Lisa Allegra's Ita coat rack

Fly So that the coat rack does not take up as much space in the entrance, Lisa Allegra reduces it with a simple rod to fix in varnished oak and painted iron. The coat rack then becomes the entrance totem. 60 euros

Origami bed linen by Morgane Crucq

Fly Fold the laundry will never have the same meaning again with this elegant bed linen which features very graphic origami fold patterns. The folding game invites you to study the pattern more closely when you are precisely folding warm in your duvet. 60 euros

The Ladder shelf by Benjamin Charles

Fly And if culture allowed the ascent of the spirit? It would be natural to put your books on a ladder. Benjamin Charles therefore revisits the ladder in a butted solid oak shelf. 70 euros


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