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10 clever ideas to sting in small spaces

10 clever ideas to sting in small spaces

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To save space in your interior, certain tricks must be used! We suggest that you take a few ideas from small apartments to organize your interior in an optimal way. On the program: 10 images to inspire you!

A spiral staircase

If your interior must have a staircase, choose a model that will not take up too much space in your room because this surface will be lost! You can bet on a spiral staircase which will take up a minimum of space. In this apartment, to optimize the surface, we have also placed a library behind the stairs.

A retractable table

If you do not have the space to have a dining room, you can transform your living room table into a dining table thanks to a retractable model that will fold to your needs to save you space!

A room separated in two

In this studio where the space is completely open, the owner had the good idea to separate the spaces by placing half-partitions which allow to separate the spaces and to have more wall surface to install furniture.

Nesting tables

In the living room, consider using modular furniture that will take up more or less space according to your needs. For example, choose a pull-out living room table that you will deploy when you have guests, for example.

A dining kitchen

To avoid multiplying the rooms and therefore the furniture, we put the two in one. In the kitchen, this translates into a large work surface that also serves as a dining space by placing high stools that create a friendly and comfortable counter for meals.

Wall shelves

Rather than opt for bulky furniture in order to deposit your decoration accessories, bet instead on wall shelves which allow to free up space on the floor and less visually clutter the space. You can thus have a lamp or a plant without losing space.

A library behind the sofa

If you lack space, do not hesitate to optimize all the surfaces of your interior. Consider, for example, using the wall surface even above a sofa so as not to lose space. The decorative effect will also be very appreciated!

A smart table

If you have room to set up a dining table, take advantage of it! But beware, do not bet on a model that is too bulky. For this, we put for example on this smart table which perfectly accommodates the chairs under the tray so that they do not take up space.

A little table

Finally, if you want a space to dine without benefiting from a lot of space, you can bet on a small round table for two people which will be aesthetic and practical! For example, it can also be used as an office.


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