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Indigo blue sets the tone for the decor

Indigo blue sets the tone for the decor

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Did you know that blue is the favorite color of westerners! For a long time a private preserve in the little boys' room, he displayed a palette ranging from sky blue to night blue. Today the trend is indigo blue, intense and deep, it impresses its strength and its radiance in the decor. Refreshing, expect to see it settle in your decor! The proof by 10…

A living room in a variation of blue

Designer Guild Carpets, sofas, lampshades, cushions, curtains play the card of blue and its variations. From sky blue to indigo blue, these very harmonious shades give the decor of this living room an impression of very soothing freshness.

Indigo blue accessories to wake up the living room

Baan The indigo blue curtain and tie and dye cushion revive this all-white living room. It is often with a few well-chosen and judiciously arranged accessories that it is possible to change the atmosphere!

A total blue look in the living room

Ikea The blue-clad living room offers a few touches of indigo blue in the accessories. Cushions, ramekins, plaid harmonize with each other.

The kitchen is embellished with indigo blue

The Jacquard Tropical ambiance in the kitchen with this pretty indigo blue tablecloth, the chairs repainted in lime green and the greenery of the garden in the background!

The furniture in the little guys' room is dressed in indigo blue

AMPM Bed, storage unit, desk are seduced by the indigo blue. Ideal for bringing out the red of "USA" accessories.

Indigo blue even invites itself into the garden

AMPM How about a nap on this white and indigo blue mattress? A combination of fresh and bright colors that gives the garden a touch of Greece.

The bathroom takes the indigo blue on the linen

Jean Vier The white bathroom linen has beautiful indigo blue stripes. Discreet and elegant, they fit in all styles of bathrooms.

Indigo blue bath sheets for well-being

Le Jacquard This very white bathroom lets itself be seduced by large indigo blue cotton bath sheets for a seaside spirit as we like!

Bed linen is also entitled to indigo blue

Zara Home Cushion cover, duvet, sheet and bedspread invite indigo blue into the bedroom this season. Plain or patterned, it can be combined with all decorative styles.


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