Recovery ideas to put under cover

Recovery ideas to put under cover

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The challenge: to give decorative value to objects that were about to be thrown away or simply harmless. The means: glass or iron bells. Because they have the power to transform everything they house: changing the mundane or the worn into precious.

Decorative letters

AM.PM What to do with an assortment of decorative letters in miniature version? Not much. Unless you slide them neither seen nor known under a glass bell. Giving them importance and style has never been easier!

Bouquets of flowers

Fly Giving value and originality to your bouquets of flowers is easy by enclosing them behind a decorative fence called an iron bell! Admire for yourself:


Fillioux & Fillioux Eye-shaped tops and other crowds of bizarre objects have found a place under this glass bell. At the outset, one would have sworn that none of them could have a decorative function, and yet, they reinforce, thanks to this staging, a spirit of curiosity cabinet… chic version.

Sewing thread spools

AM.PM Whether you are an amateur or professional seamstress, consider diverting your thread spools into decorative objects. A collection in the colors of your choice to shelter under a glass bell, and voila.

Manual creation

AM.PM Children's crafts, creative hobbies and artistic creations have, in your opinion, no place in the decor? It depends ! Placed under precious glass bells, these homemade works could suddenly become real decorative accessories.

Stuffed animal

Habitat In the basement or at the bottom of the attic, it is common to find objects whose existence we had completely forgotten. Rather than getting rid of it, a staging giving them a new dimension is welcome. Demonstration with this stuffed bird having made its new nest in a divine glass bell, and instilling a small style of cabinet of curiosity in the air…

Polished stone

Purpose Stones and pebbles become real natural sculptures when you take care to enclose them under a glass bell. Now you will know what to do with it ...


AM.PM Picked in the garden, sprigs of flowers and ferns find refuge in imposing glassware with inverted curves. An ephemeral bucolic note, easy to improvise and funnily poetic.

Dried flower

AM.PM To perpetuate the floral touch under our glass bells, sublimated in the natural, there is only to opt for dried flower buds… Note that the XXL format of this one has the audacity to do strong impression!


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