Beautiful book: "Flowers & floral arrangements"

Beautiful book: "Flowers & floral arrangements"

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In * Flowers & floral arrangements *, Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks, two English florists, share their secrets with us to create original bouquets. Step by step, discover how to arrange your flowers and maintain your bouquets. More than fifty floral compositions are presented: bouquet of daffodils, dahlias box, rose topiary, tulips in cups ... The first pages emphasize the different principles such as the choice of colors and vase, maintenance or techniques to wrap a bouquet. Let your creativity run wild and imagine various bouquets, centerpieces and buttonholes!

Spring bouquet

Carolyn Barber Here is an example of a large bouquet, ideal for large spaces or to offer. In floral art, combining opposite colors, such as blue and yellow, brings out their radiance. In this bouquet, we find hyacinths, muscaris (which you can replace with freesias, beautiful orange tulips and to tie the whole, twigs of wintergreen.

Floating buttercups

Carolyn Barber This contemporary arrangement creates a beautiful illusion. The flowers seem to float thanks to a little trick that has the greatest effect. The vase was lined with adhesive tape and in each square, one or two buttercups are plunged. Remember to decline this bouquet with white roses or Iceland poppies. Square or rectangular vases are perfect for sober and modern creations. They are also ideal for hosting identical flowers. The straight edges bring geometry to the flowers.

Hydrangea ball

Carolyn Barber Perfect for embellishing a coffee table or serving as a centerpiece, this floral arrangement is simple but very effective. The hydrangea is the ideal flower for this composition because the petals are robust enough to be submerged in water. To keep your composition fresh, remember to spray water on the petals. The ball vase highlights the beauty of the flowers and gives an impression of abundance.

Gerberas lines

Carolyn Barber Regular and symmetrical shapes are ideal for contemporary designs because they are minimalist. This style of floral arrangement is called "permanent composition" since when the flowers are wilted, they are replaced and the base is kept. Its size is ideal for a window sill or to dress a narrow entrance. Have fun creating layers of flowers, according to your desires, by mixing colors! For this bouquet, the florists opted for gerberas but the anthuriums would also be perfect for this refined composition.