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10 decorative styles of WC just to get inspired

10 decorative styles of WC just to get inspired

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The challenge ? Give style to our toilets. The way ? Draw from this panel of diverse and varied inspirations. Let's go !


Leroy Merlin The magic formula to create a Zen atmosphere in the little corner? Bet on a brown color code evoking nature, some facing stones and pebbles (pattern version on the toilet seat or life size on the shelf).


Leroy Merlin What if the WC made us travel? Thanks to a New York taxi hanging on the wall, a decorative painting, a flap and a push button for flushing customized in the colors of the Big Apple, it's easy!


Leroy Merlin With newspaper-like walls (or newspaper), all on a black and white background, the little corner suddenly takes on a chic and trendy look. Difficult to deny it!


Leroy Merlin Decorative fabrics on the walls, two-color version to break the uniformity of the space: that's how to make toilets, a dainty and arty cocoon.


Leroy Merlin Funny and unusual toilet accessories have the gift of inspiring fantasy and humor in the little corner. This is the case with this dinosaur-shaped roll holder! After all, if there is one room in which we can allow such a shift, it is this one…


Leroy Merlin Soft color chart and decorative flowers running on the wall inject a divine romantic mood into these toilets without going overboard with femininity.


Leroy Merlin Your only fear is that your toilets will look sad. The solution ? Brighten up the space with a vibrant color brightening up the floor to ceiling! Even toilet paper could lend itself to play ...


Leroy Merlin Imposing branches of trees leaning against wenge-colored walls: this is how to immerse the toilets in a more real (and soothing) atmosphere than life!


Leroy Merlin Blue at will. This is the bias of these toilets having bet on the most soothing color of the chromatic circle to bring in a hell of a dose of well-being. Take it easy !


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