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Pots of unusual plants in the garden!

Pots of unusual plants in the garden!

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Sow fantasy on the terrace, on the balcony or in the garden, it's easy by betting on the unusual. Proof with these 10 pots of crazy and / or creative plants and flowers, and above all, determined not to go unnoticed.


Truffaut By accessorizing our potted plants as if they were decorative objects in their own right, we give them life in an exotic trendy facet!


Leroy Merlin The diversion of objects is also a good companion of the unusual style. Demonstration with this divine wheelbarrow for children transformed into a container for flowers!


Pied de Poule This pot trio really has a grain! Called "Champion Seed", "Weed" or "Marie Jeanne", they use their contagious humor to make us crack, and it works…


Bacsac These tutti-frutti-colored fabric pots are a sensation on the terrace!


Bacsac Strapped to each other, these wall flower pots have offered a bag aesthetic, as if to embody a nomadic and relaxed style. WE love !


Ikéa Aiming to be perched high, this flower pot was not far to choose a planter since it is a paper bag. A chic recycling idea!


Maisons du Monde Even without hosting any plant, this bright garden pot makes the decor all by itself ... but only at night!


Nature & Discoveries Glued to each other by their handles, like inseparable twins, these plant pots form a beautiful natural and graphic assortment.