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The new Perene kitchen collection for 2016

The new Perene kitchen collection for 2016

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A true interior decorator, Perene transforms the kitchen into a highly designer room thanks to bold lines that combine aesthetics and practicality. A concentrate of lifestyle and high standards to discover through the brand's new kitchens. All in pictures.

French-style cuisine

Perene Inspired by the elegance of Haussmannian interiors, this kitchen plays the card of noble materials like Macassar ebony in a minimalist aesthetic. The table with curved legs dresses the island for a game of trompe l'oeil and the preparation space is sublimated by a wooden frame and storage hidden behind retractable doors.

A kitchen inspired by professionals

Perene To meet the desires of food lovers looking for a professional style, Perene has produced a kitchen in collaboration with the Alain Ducasse Cooking School. The result is therefore inspired by the kitchens of great chefs to optimize the preparation by linking the stages while offering a sharp design look.

Raw and friendly cuisine

Perene In this kitchen, the materials offer a raw decor in all nobility by mixing knotted oak, lacquer, concrete and aged stainless steel. The layout of the space then brings conviviality and all the warmth of the room with an island that ends in a large common table in solid wood. A real invitation to settle down.

Light cooking

Perene Playing with full and empty spaces, this kitchen offers an incredible feeling of lightness thanks to low weightless furniture. The contrast between chic and natural materials adds to the feeling of minimalism that seduces here without losing its conviviality.

A boldly shaped kitchen

Perene Perene does not hesitate to break traditional codes to offer a unique design like this curved kitchen where the curve offers aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics. A kitchen, a work of art that structures the space and becomes the design key to your home.

Timeless cuisine

Perene Thanks to its mineral materials, this kitchen plays the card of timeless elegance in all lightness thanks to a suspended hob and a sobriety sign of sophistication and technicality.

Revisited family cuisine

Perene A real invitation to share, this cuisine is designed to ensure the fluidity of the preparation. In terms of design, pleasure and sharing are enhanced by materials that mix natural fibers, varnished facades and artisanal cement tiles for a family and generous air.

A living room kitchen

Perene In this large kitchen, the central island is the centerpiece of articulation of space. The entire preparation part is thus located in the "back kitchen" and can disappear as desired behind sliding doors. The kitchen continues in a part of the living room with a friendly space with wine cellar, coffee machine and alcohol service integrated into an American walnut covering.

A graphic kitchen

Perene With bold and graphic lines, this kitchen offers a design of character where the purity of the lines reinforces the volumes and the surfaces. Like origami, the preparation island brings a sculptural style to the whole room. Find all the kitchens on


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