10 unexpected recipes to make with a rice cooker

10 unexpected recipes to make with a rice cooker

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You no doubt know the rice cooker, this small electric pot from Asia that allows us to make fabulous rice, just cooked and keep it warm. But did you know that with this device you can also cook complete and gourmet dishes? The proof in pictures with these 10 unexpected recipes made using a rice cooker! A discovery that could change your life.

A recipe to test

Very culinary After the revisited pancake, here is a new gourmet dessert idea for the rice cooker: the steamed cake, topped with maple syrup. There is no need to monitor the cooking here, the rice cooker takes care of everything! Simple and effective, we recommend it! Source: Bellyfull

Flavor of Asia

Oh so very pretty Another fun way to use your rice cooker is to start making chicken rice. Asian, Indian or Moroccan version… the choice is yours! At the editorial, we recommend the one seen on the blog Oh so very pretty. To be enjoyed without moderation ! Source: Oh so very pretty

In eastern time

I would not be a girl And we continue our tour of the world of flavors with this recipe of oriental chicken with a sweet exotic scent made using your rice cooker. Want to take the plunge? One thing is sure, you will be happy! Source: I would not be a girl


Jeanettes healthy living On the same principle, you can make this gourmet recipe of poached pears with spices. The trick: dip them in your rice cooker, then pour pomegranate juice, add some spices and simmer. Once cooked, all you have to do is dressage. Yum ! Source: Jeanettes healthy living

Quick meal

Chili pepper A family dinner improvised at the last minute, don't panic! Basmati rice, chicken legs, a few fresh spinach branches, a hint of coconut milk… without forgetting our cooking companion and voila. A delicious way to make a dish full of flavors, in record time! Source: Bird chili

Gourmet snack

Cavoletto di bruxelles Your oven broke down when you were about to bake your tarte tatin? Do not panic, pour your ingredients into your rice cooker and voila! Magic ! Source: Cavoletto di bruxelles

Minute dessert

Jacki and john ate this Cut your apples into four quarters, put them in your rice cooker and simmer. Once the cooking is finished, transfer them to a bowl and mix them using a pestle and you are with a delicious homemade apple sauce. Source: Jacki and john ate this

Direction Latin America

Diary of a recipe collector Cousin de la paëlla, we challenge you to make this unique and colorful dish from the south of the United States with the help of your rice cooker: Jambalaya. The necessary ingredients: spicy or smoked sausages, rice, ham and some shrimp. For more originality, we suggest you test this variant seen on the blog Diary of a recipe collector. Source: Diary of a recipe collector


Just bento If the traditional frittate cooking is done in two stages: first cooked on a pan, then passed under the grill, here we offer a creative alternative. The idea: swap your grill for more original cooking equipment, the rice cooker. To test ! Source: Just bento