The marble aggregate gives new life to the floors

The marble aggregate gives new life to the floors

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Do you want a floor that is out of the ordinary? Choose the marble aggregate! This top-of-the-range coating, composed, as its name suggests, of marble can be installed both indoors and outdoors and on any type of floor. Tile, concrete, wood or stone, it adapts to all original floors and perfectly matches the reliefs. A new design floor in 10 inspirations, let's go!

Around the pool

Novalsol What a great idea to use marble aggregate around the pool! In a color that harmonizes with its edge, it brings a real touch of modernity and design to your swimming.

With patterns

Flexmarbre Know that the marble aggregate can also surprise you! You can indeed, as with the tiling, create original patterns in the image of these black and white stars.

A large terrace

Novalsol You are not a big fan of wooden terraces and your concrete floor needs a facelift? Bet on the marble aggregate which in addition to being very decorative is available in many colors such as gray, beige, white, red or even black.

Delimit spaces

Flexmarbre Here, the marble aggregate covers the entire entrance courtyard of the house. And to delimit the garage space of the front door, you can draw a thin line of lighter color. Original, right?

Define space for dinner

Atousol To give your terrace a unique look, you can define a specific location for the dining area by drawing a large white frame on a gray background.

In the House

Novalsol The marble aggregate is also invited into the house in black version to give the living room a design and resolutely contemporary air. Be careful, however, not to dare in all rooms at the risk of touching bad taste.

Mix of colors

Novalsol The advantage with marble granulate is that you can also mix colors like this entry which plays with coral pink and white on the different floors of the floor.

Contemporary style

Atousol The marble aggregate in gray and black version brings a real dose of modernity to your terrace. Your guests will be amazed this summer!


Novalsol In a more orange color, the marble aggregate brings to the terrace of a stone house a lot of authenticity. We do not hesitate to install a pretty wrought iron garden furniture full of charm.


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