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Le Lapin Blanc: a Parisian hotel decorated with fairy tales

Le Lapin Blanc: a Parisian hotel decorated with fairy tales

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In the heart of the capital, the Hôtel du Lapin Blanc welcomes its customers in a warm atmosphere inspired by the tales of Lewis Carroll. Decorated and designed by Quantic Studio and Anaïs Albar, it offers a unique design experience with Scandinavian accents and pastel colors. Visit.

A cozy reception

The White Rabbit When you have to wait at the reception, it is a pleasure to settle in these pretty blue armchairs. We have only one desire: to approach the library in the window and illustrations of Anaïs Albar, the artistic director of the place.

A pastel breakfast

Le Lapin Blanc Each morning, guests of the Le Lapin Blanc hotel go down to breakfast in this lovely dining room. With its white wooden tables and its Smeg fridge in pastel colors, there is a soft and vintage atmosphere.

The deluxe double room

Le Lapin Blanc The hotel has 27 rooms spread over 6 floors. Each floor has its own color, available in pastel shades. Skilfully thought out and decorated, the rooms have a bathroom integrated and open to the room. Let's start with the deluxe doubles in beautiful taupe gray.

An open bathroom

The White Rabbit In these pretty gray rooms, the floor gradually turns into tiling to delimit the bathroom space. He plays on the contrasts of patterns and colors with the walls without neglecting a beautiful overall harmony. In short, an irresistible sense of detail and staging.

The junior suite

The White Rabbit A pretty pink pastel highlights each junior suite of the White Rabbit. Just like everywhere else in the hotel, Scandinavian wood furniture and open bathroom, in the colors of the room.

Vintage touch in the bathroom

The White Rabbit The beautiful, immaculate white sink adds a vintage touch to this pink bathroom.

The biggest

The White Rabbit For the rest, Quantico design opted for a dominant pastel blue. This very large bright room could almost be used as an apartment.


The White Rabbit Halfway between magic and sweetness, the sleeping area is adorned with a pretty wallpaper with floral prints. Romantic and modern, the upscale decor respects the four-star atmosphere of the place while playing with the magical codes linked to the imagination of Lewis Caroll.

Like at home

The White Rabbit The living room of the suite has everything you need. A pretty Scandinavian sofa, furniture in soft colors ... You immediately feel good! * Source: * The White Rabbit


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