Design toilets for inspiration

Design toilets for inspiration

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For toilets that have style, we put on sleek models very design. The toilets then follow the trend with elegance by playing the card of chic and sober. To inspire you, discover 8 very designer toilets.

Wall-hung toilets

Allia Here, it's the opposite! The toilets keep the traditional white for a touch of purity and offer a sleek, round look. We particularly appreciate the suspended aspect which accentuates the lightness of the model.

Block toilet

Geberit In this bathroom, the toilets are forgotten by becoming a kind of block hanging on the wall that one could take for a harness or a stool. The WC then blends into the decor discreetly.

Original form

Jacob Delafon These immaculate white toilets revisit the traditional form of toilets by retaining the bowl and the tank but by offering it a narrower shape which seems to be in one piece. The style is refined for a very designer touch.

Trendy color

Leroy Merlin The shape of these toilets remains traditional but it is the color that brings a design style! The toilets feature a trendy shiny gray which goes well with beautiful parquet floors and black facing stones on the wall.

Futuristic toilets

Roca This black block that looks like a spaceship is a toilet that will be installed in your room to give it a very designer style. We particularly appreciate the matt black and the refined form.

Geometric toilets

Villeroy et Boch In this black tiled bathroom, the WCs stand out particularly thanks to their immaculate white. The originality lies in the rectangular shape which creates a certain symmetry with the bidet installed next to it.

Furniture style toilet

Espace Aubade What if your toilets looked more like furniture? This is the case provided you opt for a sink / toilet combination as in these ultra design toilets!