Dulux Valentine: Color Futures 2016

Dulux Valentine: Color Futures 2016

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Discuss the major developments that will affect the design and interior architecture sector in the coming years, identify trends and define a palette of colors to stimulate the interest and inspiration of customers and consumers… this is the ambition of AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Center. Focus on the four major trends of 2016 and this year's flagship color, defined by the Global Aesthetic Center in collaboration with a group of "trendsetters" and international experts from various design sectors - architecture, textiles, product design, graphics and research.

A timeless color

AkzoNobel Halfway between yellow and gold, golden ocher has always been part of our artistic heritage - both in the paintings of the old masters and in modern design. It is therefore not surprising that the Global Aesthetic Center of AkzoNobel has chosen to highlight this color. Used in total look to catch the eyes or associated with natural and relaxed shades like camel, dark gray, old dress, taupe or old pink ... golden ocher will make a sensation in your interior and promises a winter more luminous !

Theme 2016: between past and future

AkzoNobel The year 2016 will mark a unique turning point in the history of colors. Far from giving up modern digital techniques, the Global Aesthetic Center now proposes to draw our inspiration from the past in order to be able to shape our future. Reason why the theme of duality constitutes the major influence of the year 2016 and makes it possible to define four major trends: heritage and the future, light and dark, conformism and freedom, words and images .

Heritage & future

AkzoNobel Rediscovering the foundations of our identity is the motto of this first color trend in 2016. Today, international brands make it a point of honor to explore and display their past history alongside their future products. Why ? Because their authenticity and credibility offer them a feeling of longevity, guarantor of their future.

Red for intense decoration

AkzoNobel Thus, if we translate this concept in the form of a palette of colors, the reds reflect our heritage, while the future is symbolized by a contemporary and bright, lighter touch.

Words & pictures

AkzoNobel At a time when words have acquired new power thanks to the advent of the Internet and social networks and in an era of visual saturation, the Global Aesthetic Center has imagined a palette of complementary colors, inspired by words and images. This puts the ink blue and graphite green in contrast with the tones of the smarphone and social network filters.

Darkness & light

AkzoNobel Another flagship trend of 2016, the shadow and light opposition, to captivate the eye and modify perception. Darkness has never been more important, marked by a reflection on light pollution.

Golden hour inspiration

AkzoNobel To do this, the team imagined a palette of colors recalling the nuances of twilight and dawn during golden hour, a magical moment when the sun rises or sets.

Conformism & freedom

AkzoNobel The Global Aesthetic Center has imagined a lively and cheerful palette of colors, contained by the black and white of the frame. Inspiration? The need for a model as a living environment, to move forward safely and confidently towards the future.

Variable geometry

AkzoNobel Colors that we like to associate with geometric or organic shapes and that we find especially in the product design sector.