Christmas in the nursery

Christmas in the nursery

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When they hear the word "Christmas", their eyes marvel! Quickly, to fill them before D-day gifts, we extend the magic by letting some decoration accessories seep into their room ... Our selection.

A wall Christmas tree

La Redoute ### Just give a paper garland the shape of a tree and stick it to the wall using a few strips of transparent tape to improvise an original Christmas tree, occupying zero space and without thorn.

Fluorescent stickers

Art for Kids ### "Christmas stars" is confirmed. For children under 10, Christmas stars will make dreams come true, day and night! A faculty brilliantly attributed by their fluorescent side. We love !

A light garland

La Redoute ### After having escaped the decoration of the tree, it is in the toddler's room that this light garland flourishes. Suspended with charm above the bed, it brings magic…

Star lights

Ikéa ### Plant two lampshades in the shape of giant stars next to the bed, and see how they divert the universe of the room into pure magic to watch over it gently…

A fir tree sticker

Art for Kids ### Plant a Christmas tree in the loulous room? Fastoche with a beautifully decorated, chic and inexpensive Christmas tree sticker!

A wool wall trophy

The Cat ### With an adorable reindeer in knitted fabric with small stitches, the room flies to the Far North in the country of Santa Claus. Warm, winter and animal, we melt for this playful touch come to decorate the end of year decor in beauty.

A star garland

Goal ### Although discreetly hanging vertically near the bed, this star garland brings a dose of dreams to the bedroom in the nod to Christmas…

A magical night light

Cousin Paul's cabin ### Nice accumulation of bright white balls forming a cloudy night light. Because at Christmas, we allow ourselves more than ever to fall asleep with our heads in the clouds…

A starry ground

Fly ### A few cutouts of linoleum adorned with star patterns, that should create a fascinating sky, a beautiful tribute to Santa Claus ... on the ground!


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