Unusual: my decor is inspired by paper

Unusual: my decor is inspired by paper

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In decoration, paper has a little effect! Whether imitating crumpled sheets of paper or using this material, decorative objects are delicate. The style is then original and poetic for a very trendy decoration.

A poetic lamp

Super-Ette Here, the paper is very real and can be planted on two pieces of wood which form the base of this lamp, the lampshade of which is made entirely of paper. The light then takes on a very light and poetic look in order to create a modern totem.

Paper hot air balloons

Mustache In the same spirit, these lamps also use paper to create a shape that oscillates between the chef's hat and the hot air balloon. Ready to fly, these light sculptures offer very soft and poetic lighting.

A paper effect wallpaper

Tracy Kendall What if crumpled paper covers your walls? In any case, this is what this original wallpaper gives the impression thanks to its photographic precision. The wallpaper will act like a real trompe l'oeil to give you the impression that your walls are fragile.

Embossed wallpaper

Tracy Kendall To give relief to this wall, the wallpaper imitates paper that would come off the wall. The wall then seems fragile and delicate for a very original decor that is sure to create a surprise in your interior.

Carpet that mimics paper

Lily Latifi For even more originality, you can install the crumpled paper effect on the floor thanks to a carpet with digital printing that offers a feeling of fragility and lightness on the floor that it dresses.

Fake paper lights

Fleux Contrary to what one might think, these lamps are not made of paper and are called "Like paper" which says a lot about the trompe l'oeil effect. Indeed, if the lamps look like they are mistaken for folded paper, it is actually concrete. Astonishing!

An origami bowl

Muuto Origami inspires the creators and they do not hesitate to create porcelain objects that one would believe to realize by folding paper. The effect is light and delicate but you can slip fruit and other objects there without risk of breakage.

Light bags

Raumgestalt Light in paper bags is the idea of ​​these funny bags. Simply drag a candle into special bags to create small, original and poetic light bags.

A paper aircraft holder

Fred & friends And to keep the door from slamming, we put on a door stopper that looks like it can be mistaken for a paper plane. With fragile appearances, it will however perfectly hold the door in place.