10 DIY with vintage frames

10 DIY with vintage frames

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Nothing better than vintage frames to personalize your interior and vibrate, at a lower cost, our decoration. Diverted into reminders, terrariums, wall hanging for our plants or our jewelry, they become useful and practical decorative elements that make our daily lives easier. Discovery in pictures!

An unusual gardener

Whit's Amuse bouche Covered in metallic paint, these pretty frames have been transformed into very original wall planters. A simple and easy to carry out idea to remember! More info on this DIY: Whit's Amuse Bouche

A happy jumble

Makely Home By placing frames of different shapes, sizes and colors on top of each other, you will get an original and lively frame wall that will vibrate the decoration of your bedroom. So tempted? More info on this DIY: Makely Home

A delicate pendant for jewelry

Marty's Musings With a golden frame, make a nice pendant light for your jewelry and small everyday accessories. Using a piece of wire mesh, necklaces, earrings and other charms hang in the blink of an eye. Convenient ! More info on this DIY: Marty's Musings

A decorative sticky note

Shanty 2 Chic Shopping list, appointments and sweet little words will find a place of choice on this wall-mounted sticky note made using a curved frame in chick yellow and rope. A great way to mix aesthetics with utility. More info on this DIY: Shanty 2 Chic

A table to organize

Confessions of a Serial Do It Yourselfer Swap your traditional slate wall painting for this pretty homemade model, made using an old frame. A great way to give a second life to our everyday objects. More info on this DIY: Confessions of a Serial Do It Yourselfer

A practical charging station

Hometalk A charging station made using a frame, this is an original idea. Ideal to bring a playful touch and at a lower cost to your decor! More info on this DIY: Hometalk

A customized frame for your keys

Purple Carrot Because the perfect piece of furniture does not exist, it is often necessary to compete in ingenuity to find practical storage tips that will prevent chaos from settling in the house. To help you in this sometimes delicate task, we have found for you this tutorial which will allow you to find your keys in a jiffy. A frame and three screws ... these are the accessories you will need to take the plunge. More info on this DIY: Purple Carrot

A decorative table top

Crafted By Lindy This object, which looks like a traditional frame, is actually an ultra-decorative and refined bribe. Preview on the wedding blog Ruffled Blog, it consists of a domed fuchsia frame and is covered with a floral print. Ideal for a country wedding! More info on this DIY: Ruffled Blog

A framework for switches

Me Myself & DIY Original the idea of ​​framing its switches! Seduced by this concept, it's now your turn to play. A small frame with suitable dimensions, a spray of white paint… and that's the job! More info on this DIY: Me Myself & DIY