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Bridge house, a contemporary villa self-sufficient in energy

Bridge house, a contemporary villa self-sufficient in energy

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Designed by the Dutch architectural firm 123 DV, the "Bridge" house offers all the comforts of a modern villa while being eco-responsible. It is thus equipped with rainwater tanks which are used in the toilets or the laundry room, solar panels and a completely independent underfloor heating system. Visit.

An efficient canopy

123DV Villa Bridge is not adorned with glass facades simply for decoration. Glass allows gentle heating of the interior. Efficient and ecological.

A 365 ° view

123DV Spacious and design, the architecture of this villa is dazzling. And for good reason! The huge glass facades offer, in addition to undeniable brightness, an incredible view of the surroundings.

Very beautiful volumes

123DV The Villa Bridge, in addition to having a resolutely beautiful and modern exterior design, offers magnificent volumes inside. You don't have to worry about heating or cooling bills. The roof of the house is equipped with a system that collects both hot and cold and then diffuses them inside.


123DV There are many openings to light in the Villa Bridge. At any time, its interior with a sleek design is lit by daylight. No need, therefore, to operate the electric light continuously.

Green, yes, but design too

123DV 123 DV has succeeded in combining noble materials and eco-responsible technologies. The interior design of the Bridge is very modern and stylish with its light colors.

The dining area

123DV Decorated in the same colors as the rest of the house, the dining area allows owners to take their meals facing the garden in all circumstances. Luxury, calm and voluptuousness!

A fully equipped kitchen

123DV All household appliances draw their energy from solar panels installed on the roof. This allows the fully equipped kitchen to be used without difficulty. Storage and cooking appliances blend perfectly to enhance the room.

The bathroom

123DV Decorated like the rest of the house, the bathroom and its pretty ovoid bathtub offer a real haven of peace.

All the comfort of a classic house

123DV The Bridge villa offers all the comfort of a classic house, except that it is completely self-sufficient in energy. At night, it merges with black and reflects the sky intensely. How to resist this design and ecological villa? * Source: 123 DV *


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