10 unusual floor coverings for your interior

10 unusual floor coverings for your interior

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In the house, the possibilities for dressing your floor are almost endless! Thanks to unusual coatings, your floor can really create a surprise and make your decoration original. Discover in pictures 10 very surprising floors!

A raised carpet

Saint Maclou Who said that the carpet should be perfectly smooth? With this model, the ground takes on relief thanks to patterns cut in the textile which offer a certain depth to the whole of the ground.

A porcelain stoneware that imitates gum

FR66 Do you remember the rubber tablecloths? The Bouroullec brothers imagined a tiling with raised or punched dots that give the impression of a soft coating when it is nothing.

Scottish carpet

Saint Maclou Do you want a * British * style in your interior? Why not opt ​​for the traditional Scottish fabric as the centerpiece with a carpet that uses this motif? The ground is then omnipresent and creates the decor alone.

Animals on the ground

Carocim In this bathroom, unusual animals settle on the tiles. Thus, we will walk in turn on lizards, snakes, crabs or frogs. This may not please everyone!

Crumpled papers

Lily Latifi This original carpet consists of a trompe-l'oeil of crumpled sheets of paper, which creates a very special feeling in your room. The floor then appears light and fragile, and you benefit from the comfort of a carpet.

Messages on the floor

Tarkett It's not just the walls that have a say in your decoration: messages are also installed on the floor. For a very urban atmosphere, this vinyl floor has the names of the big cities in the world.

Jeans effect

Tarkett If your teenager swears by jeans, you can offer him a floor that imitates this material. This vinyl floor seems indeed made up of several pieces of jeans but rest assured, this coating can be cleaned very well, like a vinyl.

A carpet with original shapes

Saint Maclou A patterned carpet can really create a surprise in your interior! Here, funny fluid shapes make up a turquoise blue paving on a black background to offer you an ubiquitous floor, a real work of art.

At the time of decoration

Saint Maclou When figurative patterns are installed on the carpet, the rendering is very original! Here, these are old clocks that give a surreal side to the carpet between the universe of Alice in Wonderland and Dali's soft watches.