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5 hotels for a dream stay in Brooklyn

5 hotels for a dream stay in Brooklyn

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This winter, you've set your sights on a destination with no headache, heading for… Brooklyn! In order to guarantee you the best possible stay, the editorial staff has selected 5 hotels suitable for a change of scenery, comfort and a certain sweetness of life! Follow the guide.

The facade of the Wythe Hotel

Morris Adjmi Architects Located 10 minutes from Manhattan by taxi, the Wythe Hotel imposes its style and attracts the curious eye of passers-by with its imposing old-fashioned sign. As a bonus? The masterful view of Manhattan from the terrace of the rooftop bar. Wythe Hotel - 80 Wythe Ave. at N. 11th Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Henry Norman Hotel

Henry Norman Hotel Taking its name from the two streets at the intersection of which it is located, the Henry Norman Hotel is a former 19th century warehouse which now features 52 exceptional rooms and suites, furnished in an industrial loft style. very elegant. From 150 euros per night

Henry Norman Hotel Terrace

Henry Norman Hotel With its beautiful location, the Henry Norman Hotel enjoys a panoramic view of Manhattan, appreciable from the terraces of certain rooms. Henry Norman Hotel - 251 North Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11222

NU Hotel

NU hotel In a decor combining classic style furniture and touches reminiscent of Brooklyn, like the beautiful graffiti above the headboard, the NU Hotel warmly welcomes you. From 160 euros per night

The NU Hotel's terrace bar

NU hotel On the ground floor of the hotel, just to the left of the entrance, a terrace with a friendly atmosphere has been fitted out. Enough to make a well-deserved break at the end of the day. NU Hotel - 85 Smith Street Brooklyn, New York 11201

McCarren Hotel

McCarren Hotel In the heart of Brooklyn, in the hip Williamsburg district, a party-friendly hotel opens its doors. If the rooms offer a rather classic decoration, the outdoor space completely changes the situation… From 200 euros per night

McCarren Hotel pool

McCarren Hotel Surrounded by a large glass facade covered with graffiti, the McCarren saltwater pool promises beautiful summer days (and evenings), with the added bonus of a beautiful view of Manhattan Island from the adjacent terrace. McCarren Hotel - 160 north 12th street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Hotel Le Jolie

Hotel Le Jolie Decorated in a classic style, the rooms of the Jolie offer a real cozy cocoon. The view of the Manhattan skyline and more! From 130 euros per night

The façade of Jolie

Hotel Le Jolie Located on one of the main arteries of Brooklyn, the Jolie Hotel stands out from the others thanks to a minimalist and charming facade. The Jolie - 235 Meeker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211


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