Garden furniture interferes inside

Garden furniture interferes inside

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With winter time fast approaching, it would seem that the time has come to put our garden furniture away from the cold outside. But rather than letting it hibernate in the cellar or in the garage, the other option is to invite it into the living room, dining room or office decor. After all, nothing prevents outdoor furniture from only furnishing the garden…

The garden armchair becomes cocooning seat

Ikéa ### This pretty garden armchair pierced with small holes will find its place in the living room! We place a plaid or a sheepskin there, and there it is transformed into a winter seat, cozy and warm.

Outdoor chairs become indoor chairs

Maisons du Monde ### We bring back the chairs from the terrace around the dining table. From the top of their elegant black braided rattan frame, you can only see fire: who could suspect that it is basically garden furniture?

The garden armchair becomes an office chair

Maisons du Monde ### And this is how to afford an exotic, comfortable and decorative office chair! By simply moving the garden chair to the workspace ...

The concrete table, from the terrace to the dining room

Maisons du Monde ### On the terrace, this concrete table already stood out for its proudly urban look. It remains to renew the effect indoors, in the dining room, until next spring!

The braided kubu armchair creates an exotic note

Goal ### Planted in a living room corner, this very chic braided kubu armchair sows the exotic…

The rattan sofa for a seaside atmosphere

Maisons du Monde ### With this rattan sofa topped with a white cushion, the living room travels off the Atlantic. Let's take advantage of it, because this will only last until the summertime call…

The braided kubu sofa creates a change of scenery

Goal ### The best way to extend our good summer looks? Arrange the woven kubu garden sofa in the living room. To travel even in gloomy and rainy weather, this is ideal…


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