10 magical atmospheres for the garden

10 magical atmospheres for the garden

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To take advantage of the last days before winter in the garden or to offer yourself a nice view from your windows, there is still time to bring a decorative touch to your garden. To create a soft and pleasant atmosphere, we choose decorative accessories that will create a magical garden.

Luminous sculptures

Ikea Want to create a romantic message in your garden to enjoy a last sweet evening? Choose a garland that you will place in the shape of a heart on your garden floor to create a romantic atmosphere.

Lanterns in the trees

Ikea To give a festive and magical atmosphere to your garden, do not hesitate to dress the trees and other shrubs by installing lanterns on the branches which will diffuse a soft light and enhance the vegetation.

Hanging lights in the garden

Ikea If you still enjoy a few outdoor dinners, consider decorating your tables with beautiful light suspensions to light up the meal and give a festive atmosphere to the whole.

Candles for the atmosphere

Maisons du monde Whether by day or by night, candles will bring a very pleasant ambiance to your garden in the fall. Be sure to use candle jars to avoid accidents and protect the flame from the wind.

Decorative lanterns

La Redoute To give an atmosphere to your garden even in broad daylight, bet on lanterns that will welcome candles that you can hang throughout the garden. At nightfall, the effect will be even more decorative.

Original candle jars

La Redoute To give an original style to your garden, you will find candle holders to stick in the ground which represent small animals of the garden with dragonflies, frogs, butterflies or birds. Bucolic spirit guaranteed!

Esprit July 14

La Redoute For a festive atmosphere, bet on lanterns that recall popular festivals such as July 14. Do not hesitate to hang several colors to create a real atmosphere.

Lighting in the garden

Alinéa To give style to the garden, you will find many dedicated outdoor lighting! Think of the big luminous balls but also of the cubes which can be used as a coffee table…

Stars above the table

Paragraph Finally, think of the original garlands that will be decorative both day and night. You will find, for example, big stars that are sure to bring magic to the garden.