Visit the Henri le Sidaner gardens

Visit the Henri le Sidaner gardens

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Like Monet, of whom he was a friend and a contemporary, here is a painter who loved gardens as much as painting. Henri le Sidaner will have lived nearly 40 years in his domain of Gerberoy, in the Oise, having at heart during all this period to enlarge and embellish it. Each development - pavilion, arches and even weather vanes - will have been the subject of preliminary drawings by the painter. From his travels, notably in Italy, he will draw a new inspiration which will lead him to draw then create terraced gardens as well as balusters. Other influences will notably lead him to imagine a temple of love, echoing that of the Petit Trianon in Versailles. It is in this intimate and flowery setting that the painter will realize some of his most beautiful works. We often recognize the house, in front of which a table that is both elegant and simple, is inviting to a snack. We also recognize the balusters inspired by the Italian era, the gardens, the statues ... Today, the same softness and the same feeling of intimacy continue to emerge from the work and the place, lovingly maintained by the descendants of the artist. With us, push the door of this beautiful garden…

The Painter's Workshop

Henri le Sidaner Henri le Sidaner was a contemporary and friend of Monet, Rodin, Camille Mauclair and even Henri Duhem. He benefited in his time from numerous recognitions: Grand Prix de Rome, professor at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, academician, etc.

The view of the White Garden from the house

Henri le Sidaner The Gerberoy property has a renowned series of monochrome gardens, as the painter wanted in his time. One white, adorned with immaculate roses, the other pink and red, yet another blue and yellow…

Madonna and Child in the Rose Garden

Henri le Sidaner Always attached to this famous resident, the small town of Gerberoy makes a point of honor each year to keep alive the festival of roses, formerly dear to the painter.

Entrance to the Rose Garden

Henri le Sidaner For his creations, the painter often found other outlets than his paintings and tubes of paint. Indeed, everything here in Gerberoy was born from one of his drawings, before being embodied in stone or in plants.

View of the painter's house

Henri le Sidaner For several years, diligent restoration work, led by Étienne Le Sidaner, grandson of the painter, and his wife, has led to the revival of the property and the rediscovery of the painter's work.

The Roseraie with century-old box trees and the Collegiate Church classified as a Historic Monument

Henri le Sidaner Gerberoy, a small town in the Oise, is today classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France. In addition to the garden of Henri le Sidaner, built on the ruins of the old castle, one can admire numerous wooden and cob houses, an 11th century collegiate church, old cobbled streets lined with roses…

Italian terraces

Henri le Sidaner Part of the garden is built on the ruins of the old castle. The availability of numerous stones, from these vestiges, will allow the painter to realize the new gardens - those in terraces as well as the scree garden -, imagined during his travels.

A plant lounge

Henri le Sidaner In this richly frequented space, the visitor is invited to enjoy a moment of meditative rest.

The Painter's House

Henri le Sidaner The house was bought in 1904 by Henri le Sidaner. Here it is today, very similar to that which can be seen in many of the painter's works.


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