10 touches of copper in the kitchen

10 touches of copper in the kitchen

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True star in our interiors for several months, copper is also a subtle guest in the kitchen. Faucets, suspensions, appliances, discover 10 ways to integrate it with small touches.

Copper pendant lights

The Living Apartment - Marika Jarv Need light above your worktop? Multiply the pendant lights, preferably in copper, and admire the result as soon as you walk through the door of your kitchen. Sources: The Living & Marika Jarv Apartment

A cooking piano that throws

Artichoke We only see him in the kitchen! This copper-plated cooking piano, a real pro accessory, is likely to make people envious. Source: Artichoke

A copper robot

Joanna Henderson - Phil Sanchez True star of our kitchens, the KitchenAid robot has also adopted the copper trend. The least we can say is that the result is superb! Sources: Joanna Henderson & Phil Sanchez

To create shelves

Lonny / Jessica Sample Do you have old copper pipes lying around in your garage? Above all, don't throw them out! You can use them to create truly original shelves. At the editorial, the idea is unanimous. Source: Lonny / Jessica Sample

Copper for the splashback

Apartment Therapy - Original Style Thanks to easily fixed panels, dress your kitchen splashback with a beautiful copper look. Sources: Apartment Therapy & Original Style

Old fashioned pans

BHG - Bellamumma Do you find the copper pots hanging in the old-fashioned kitchen? What a mistake ! You just have to admire these two atmospheres to change your mind, don't you think? Sources: BHG & Bellamumma

Copper pots

Design Sponge - SF Girl by Bay The advantage of copper is that it is often invited in small touches. In these two kitchens, it is thanks to pots that it easily finds its place. Sources: Design Sponge & SF Girl by Bay

A copper sink

Alexis Hamilton We love this marble sink, the two alcoves of which have been covered with copper. Source: Remodelista

A copper creation

The Crafted Sparrow Follower of DIY, are you looking for a new decorative creation for your kitchen? Start by getting wooden letters to form the word "Eat" (Eat in French), and cover them with copper coins. It shines ! Source: The Crafted Sparrow