Trendy baths 2012 by Archibath

Trendy baths 2012 by Archibath

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Today, the bathrooms are both beautiful and functional! Specialized in exceptional bathrooms, Archibath unveils in its showroom, its new baths combining modernity, elegance and well-being.

Bathtub <>

Archibath ### Sober and sophisticated, the rectangular bathtub enlarges the space.

Bathtub <>

Archibath ### Available in black or chrome finish, the bathtub reveals, through its geometric lines, the spa and well-being spirit of the bathroom.

Bathtub <>

Archibath ### Retro and timeless, the black bathtub with a traditional look elegantly dresses the bathroom.

Bathtub Shower <>

Archibath ### For a zen and natural bathroom, the rounded shower bath, fits the corner of the room beautifully.

Jolie Regia bathtub

Archibath ### A modern and unusual bathroom? In the form of an island in Jolie resin, this bath immediately seduces us with its red color, its transparency and its refinement.

Bathtub <>

Archibath ### The Duralight panels and the Solid Surface material give the bath an atypical look. They are available in a wood finish in oak, teak or bleached oak species to coordinate harmoniously with the surrounding furniture.

Bathtub <>

Archibath ### Thanks to its sleek, triangular design, the bathtub adapts to both small and large bathrooms. A guaranteed thalassotherapy effect!


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